Living Together: A Space For Safe Conversation

February 26, 2018admin

In times of social instability, our voices and opinions can feel unsafe or unprotected. It’s important to have places where we can openly connect and express ourselves, without fear of judgement. Even more important is the need to create these places ourselves, and gather in unison under solidarity. This is why we think Museum of Art + Design‘s Living Together series is both essential and inspiring for our city.

Not only has the museum put together an impressive roster of internationally-acclaimed artists and film screenings, but they’ve done so selflessly and for our benefit only. The on-going campaign, which has been activated around the city since September, touches upon important themes from immigration and racism to sexuality and freedom of expression. Not often do we get to experience these necessary discussions on the regular, let alone as part of mind-boggling performances.

Multi-layered Conversations.

From multi-media projections and modern poetry to tear-jerking cinema, Living Together delivers these topics in vibrant ways. It’s no surprise that the campaign is garnering attention from art collectives all over the country for its bravery. Most importantly, this high caliber campaign is happening right here in our city. Not in New York or L.A., but Miami. And regardless of whether our city actually shows up to support, this kind of visionary work is being associated with The Magic City and no one else.

Photo from Hemispheric Institute.


This Friday, the Living Together series continues with an incredible voice in the performing arts scene: Ann Pellegrini. The Excess & Enchantment: Arts of Resistance lecture-performance will feature the award-winning author and Social and Cultural Analyst at her best. She’s a key voice in exploring how feelings are lived, experienced, and communicated, and what potential risks and possibilities result. Another overall theme is the value of art and the aesthetic for repairing democratic social life.

Where Everyone’s Welcome.

If you’re looking to join in on conversations about the important things in life, make sure to stop by! The event, like all great discussions, is free and open to the public. Find out more here.