Jumana Emil Abboud: A Powerful Palestinian Voice

February 21, 2018admin

There’s a lot of powerful things happening in the world today. We often feel we’re being pulled in every direction at once. Amidst the conflicts, differences, and shifting tides, we must always remember that we’re not alone. Each and every one of us carries a drive, a burden, and most importantly, has a story to tell. It’s through these stories, and the act of preserving them, that we ensure humanity stays connected. This is what Palestinian artist Jumana Emil Abboud has explored in her latest piece: “Out Of the Shadows III.”

Carrying Her Roots.

Born in Galilee, Jumana Emil Abboud emigrated to Ontario at eight years old to an art-filled education in Toronto. Yearning to reconnect with her roots, she returned to Jerusalem and continued her education and hasn’t returned. Over the years, her multi-media work has strengthened themes of connectivity, cultural pride, and unification. She has exhibited in around the world, from Tel Aviv and Amman, to Switzerland and Liepzig. Her works have been presented at the Venice and Istanbul Biennial, the Arab World Institute in Paris, and many more vibrant places.

In ‘Out of the Shadows III’, Jumana Emil Abboud asks “What do places speak of?”, evoking her Palestinian roots. This audio-visual performance includes Palestinian folk-tales and traditional oral histories. These stories that inspire the artist have always emphasized the importance of relationships with the landscape and with sources of water. She uses uses music, poems, and drawings to weave together past and present dives into places like Jerusalem, Jericho, the Dead Sea, and Galilee.

Experience it Yourself.

It’s all about contemporary reality and the unseen world with its jinns and ghoulehs. This Friday, February 23rd, experience the world premiere of “Out Of the Shadows III” for free as part of the Museum of Art + Design‘s Living Together campaign. At this world premiere, Abboud collaborates with Issa Freij to share their experiences during a four-year film project searching for the haunted sites. Their interactive storytelling explores folk customs, sacred objects, and enchanted locations to underscore themes of memory, loss, and resilience. Make sure to RSVP!