Las Cafeteras Have That Eclectic Sound You Need Right Now

February 20, 2018admin

To those who identify, “Chicano” means so much more than “Mexican-American.” It runs deeper than a bubble that can be filled under ethnicity. It’s an active pride in a cultural movement, complete with its own street style, lifestyle, and of course music. Many bands along the West Coast have made it a point to carry the Chicano identity on every lyric or riff but few have captured it so eclectically as Las Cafeteras.

Music As An Identity.

Miamians would smirk knowing how significant the coffee tool is to all Latin and Hispanic cultures. But the East Los Angeles outfit goes much further than a symbol for waking up. They fuse their folkloric roots with everything from spoken word to traditional music, and even zapateado dancing. In other words, Las Cafeteras are a complete representation of entire culture and within it, an entire generation.

Las Cafeteras have made a name for themselves as a powerful, catchy, and outspoken band. They have no problem speaking out on the issues that matter, and gathering a spectrum of people at every show. They’re modern in that they accept everyone, yet traditional in both their music and their principles. Basically, they’re exactly what the country needs today.

Make sure not to miss Las Cafeteras at GlobalFest this Saturday, February 24th! They’ll be taking the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center stage alongside the indie mambo band, Orkesta Mendoza. Make sure to snag tickets here.