Weekly Three: Our Top Music Picks

February 19, 2018Ana Rojo

Looking to add a little something to your playlists? We’ve gathered up our weekly three to bring you some of our favorite artists and their music on the rise.

Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast is the solo project of Philadelphia musician Michelle Zauner, a member of the band Little Big League. Bringing experimental and indie-alt rock together, Zauner uses a lo-fi sound mixed with melodic guitar to create an emotional, atmospheric sound. She is currently on tour to promote her second album Soft Sounds from Another Planet where she will make stops at Bonnaroo and Panorama Music Festival this summer.


Soccer Mommy

Diving deep into the turmoils of love and youth, Soccer Mommy encapsulates the ideas of yearning and struggles which are evoked through Sophie Allison’s voice, the mastermind behind this musical project. A soft indie-rock sound, the Nashville native has created a ‘happy melancholic’ style and lyrics evoking very mature themes for a 19-year-old. Soccer Mommy just released her second album Still Clean and is currently touring through the U.S. and U.K. but there is no doubt we can expect to see her soon at some of the biggest music festivals and iconic venues.

Tom Misch

We’re all about that sexy kind of funk that makes you want to grind 8th grade-style. Much like the French have FKJ, Tom Misch is one of those insightful multi-instrumentalists you’ll love immediately. He sings, he produces, and he seduces you with every beat. The young visionary knows how to get to the heart of every track through airy guitar riffs and the catchiest rhythms. Plus, his collaborations with MCs and vocalists have made his music a must-listen.