What’s to Come at La Centrale, Miami’s Italian Food Hall

February 7, 2018Pola Bunster

The team behind La Centrale, Miami’s own Italian Food Hall, truly understand the concept of hospitality. Much like the country from which it draws its inspiration, everything about the three-story culinary destination oozes with warmth. It’s also easy on the eyes.

Everywhere you look a detail has been thoughtfully placed to emulate a specific Italian city or region. Tuscan terra cotta, Milano gold finishings, even waterside views of Portofino. It would take years to traverse such a multi-sensory country, but at La Centrale you can do it in a day. All you’ll need is an empty stomach. Before you roll your eyes at the idea that something this welcoming can be in the heart of Brickell, don’t. We assure you that the concept was created with the whole city in mind.

A Trip To Italy.

Display cases with affordable ready-made items greet you in Il Mercato for a grab-and-go option. If you’re looking for something more impressive, the Enoteca upstairs offers $20 prix-fixe menus from lunch on. They’ll even have free wine tastings on the regular. La Centrale proves what Italians have known for centuries: you don’t need a large price tag to make an exceptional dish. Just fresh ingredients and a close tie to your roots.

Officially opening on February 16th, we went inside the food hall for a preview tour and were instantly floored. Our wide-eyed looks of wonder were constantly paired with a smile. Somehow–whether through its seemingly endless selection of classic Italian dishes like homemade pastas and in-house mozzarella–they have been able to capture the very essence of Italy. From the physical awe that comes when seeing a colossal cathedral like Il Duomo in person, to the feeling of comfort found inside a loud and active kitchen.

A Flavor For Every Region.

We’re not surprised that communal hospitality is at its very core, since the concept itself was created around a dinner table. We could spend another hour divulging its magic and dissecting the fresh ingredients in every pasta dish (all of which you can take home and make yourself, by the way) but we’ll save it for when it officially opens. For now, we’ll just do what Italians do best: seduce your every senses.

Photos by Fujifilm Girl.