Ancient History Preserved at The Deering Estate

February 6, 2018Pola Bunster

Weddings and birthday parties, those are among my very first memories at The Deering Estate. Few locations in Miami offer as unobstructed a view of Biscayne Bay as the historical landmark down south. But much of the estate’s beauty first starts on the journey to get there. Driving down Old Cutler Road, one of Miami’s earliest highways is a great start.

Back To Nature.

Age-old oaks shadow the winding path all the way up to its gates. In the distance, a colossal and pristine Royal Palm promenade guides you toward the water. The views are breathtaking in every direction. Looking for a mysterious adventure? Head into the woods to discover the expansive Cutler Burial Mound, a prehistoric site housing fossils, Native American burials, and even rumored treasure. Not often do you get to skip so deep into our city’s past. But there it is in all its glory.

The crown jewel of the estate, its three-story wood and stone house, is the anchor to it all. When Charles Deering purchased the 444-acre property in 1916, the estate house was then Richmond Cottage. At one point, the inn was the southernmost hostelry in the continental United States and a frequent stay for many of Miami’s earliest founders. It’s this marriage of history and nature that makes The Deering Estate so magical.

A Slice of History.

When I lived down south as a kid, I used to frolic the grounds reveling in its natural beauty. The charm, so immediate, has managed to stay the same since Deering’s move in 1922. It’s simple and welcoming, a perfect opposite to what his brother James managed to do with Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. It’s also exactly the kind of landmark we need preserved, to show that Miami’s beauty doesn’t lie in its obvious material riches.

Places like The Deering Estate prove that nature and a welcoming atmosphere are all you really need in life. Curious locals and travelers can explore the estate every day, or reserve it as a backdrop for a momentous occasion. But we like visiting the gorgeous location when they open it up to the community for special events.

Experience Miami’s Culture.

It’s a perfect alternative say, for Va busy holiday when you want to impress even yourself for having ventured that far. Grab equally as intrigued friends and loved ones and catch the incredible Yoli Mayor for their Moonlight & Music Valentine’s Day concert on the 14th. Guests can bring blankets and chairs to cuddle together in the embrace of one of Miami’s most significant monuments. Snag your tickets here.