Carrie Mae Weems Brings Antigone to Life With ‘Past Tense’

February 1, 2018Pola Bunster

Antigone. It might be a name that to many of us bring back memories of high school. Written by Sophocles around 441 BCE, the tragedy’s power rings further than the walls of a classroom. Thankfully, many of such ancient historical pieces have been preserved through time. For that, we have the artists who transform them and ensure their relevancy to thank.

One such artist, rumbling with the passion only an experienced voice could, has managed to resurrect the beloved work and infuse it with nobility. Using the power of multi-media, acclaimed American artist Carrie Mae Weems has taken Antigone into her own hands in her latest endeavor: ‘Past Tense.’ Weems has managed to dissect the roots of Antigone and magnify them into the modern arena.

A Common Tale.

At its core, Antigone revolves around an innocent death and the battle by a strong woman to ensure his rightful burial. But it’s much more than that. It’s the story of a person being refused justice, peace, and most of all, humane respect. This is a narrative history knows all too well. And as someone who has personally felt the effects of racism, sexist, and classism, Weems speaks from the soul.

This Saturday, February 3rd, not only will the production find its way to Miami, but it couldn’t come at a more significant time. A moment in history where these powerful conversations are on the global stage. A time when the team at MDC’s Museum of Art + Design has reminded us that nothing can be more important than Living Together.

It Takes a Village.

For this performance, Carrie Mae Weems has enlisted exceptional voices to amplify the message. Celebrated poet and writer Carl Hancock Rux has come alongside a dozen acclaimed New York performers. MOAD has also paired the production with local talent, such as musicians from both New World Symphony and Nu Deco Ensemble. Whether you consider an observation on life or not, Carrie Mae Weems’ ‘Past Tense’ is not to be missed. One thing is for sure, it will keep the conversation going long after the curtain falls. Get your tickets here.