Weekly Three: Our Top Music Picks

January 29, 2018Ana Rojo

As January comes to a close, we’re here to add some fresh music to your daily playlist. We’ve got some up and coming artists that span a wide range of genres. This week’s round-up features a local powerhouse all the way to a French starlet on the rise. Have a jam:


Bringing together vintage Cuban sounds and New Orleans blues is what Spanish band Picadillo has successfully blended to create their unique sound. Local Miami star Sol Ruiz lends her vocals to the multicultural group and has played around the world with the band. They’ve played at some of the most iconic local venues, one of the most recent was their collaboration with our own New World Symphony. Make sure to catch Picadillo whenever they are in town for what is surely an unforgettable experience.


Duncan Fellows

Indie rockers Duncan Fellows have taken over the Austin music scene. Their work takes catchy riffs and harmonies while using a mix of uptempo beats and soft rock. Their wide range of sounds has gotten the attention of their entire community and are set to release new music and tour this year.


French-born singer Jain spent her early years traveling throughout the world which is reflected in the music she creates. She takes her power from African dance beats, which she credits is due to her time living in Congo. Then blends elements from the music she learned during her time in Paris. Her music is a mix of genres and styles that spans cultures and countries from electro-pop to funk.