5 Miami Gems You Need To Explore Right Now

January 25, 2018admin

We know Miami can feel too big to explore most of the time, what with every neighborhood feeling on the come up. It’s true that it definitely is a colossal giant to take down, but it’s filled with magical spots worth your while. From Edgewater and the River to Little River, we have your new favorite gems to check out right now.

Mr. Wright’s Gold Digger Saloon

You may have seen these awe-inspiring photos on our feed but in person, this place is scary amazing. Mr. Wright’s Gold Digger Saloon is something out of Westworld and a fairytale combined. With late-night grub and a solid drink menu, this is one of those brand new Edgewater gems you can’t miss.

Casa Florida

Another one of those magical gems we just can’t get enough of. Right on the Miami River and adjacent to the quaint Old Florida houses of Roam Miami, Casa Florida will be your new go-to. Their drinks are fresh and drool-worthy, and the attention to detail is what will keep bringing you back. Make sure to say hi to the man behind it all: Gaston!


Working in Little River means we’ve become experts in the flavors around these parts. When we discovered that this mom and pop opened in the neighborhood (and that they deliver!), our lives have never been the same. SUR has fresh-baked empanadas made to order, sweet alfajores, and a welcoming vibe.

Imperial Moto Cafe

Another great new addition to the Little River area, Imperial Moto Cafe is easily one of the coolest gems in the city. Their coffee is delicious, with tons of creative options and flavors. But it’s really about the ambiance here. A motorcycle shop posing as a cafe, with tons of vintage finds and cool swag.

Flavorish Miami Bakery & Bistro

This is one of those gems nestled sweetly in a strip mall on Biscayne that you’ve probably passed a dozen times. A European market with delicious gourmet options with an on-site bakery to boot. But it’s really all about their fresh-baked goods…especially the croissants.