MOAD’s ‘Living Together’ is the Activist Response You Need for 2018

December 29, 2017Pola Bunster

No matter your stance on the current state of the world right now, the one thing that just can’t happen is sitting down and not doing anything about it. We’re talking about getting active. We’re talking more than a shared editorial piece or inspirational protest poster. We mean going out there and voicing your opinion, connecting with others over shared outlooks, and exploring different perspectives. Because during these turbulent times, we need to figure out how we can continue living together as a unit, and growing along the way.

There’s a reason why MDC’s Museum of Art + Design has chosen those words to encapsulate their latest and perhaps most ambitious campaign yet. Executive Director and Chief Curator, Rina Carvajal has selected a string of powerful performances bringing together the innovative viewpoints we need to foster profound conversations. To remind us that, no matter your opinion or heritage, the one thing we all have in common at this current moment is our shared existence. So why not make it understanding, welcoming, and valuable?

Living Together is a blend of performances and films whose contents tackle the current radical political landscape. All the while still focusing on the occurrences that affect all living things at our very core. Things like exclusion, separation, and the feeling of being unwelcome in your own country. The topical issues that affect many of our fellow loved ones and even those fellow citizens we might never get to meet. If you’ve been itching to take a stand or say something about the unstable climate we’re all experiencing, these performances are the answers to your prayers.

Carvajal and the MDC-MOAD team have gathered the talents of some of the most influential performers of the modern era. Artists who have been speaking loudly for decades. Pieces like Karen Finely’s “Unicorn Gratitude Mystery” on January 12th that jettison our president’s aggressive communication style to the forefront. Or Carrie Mae Weems’ “Past Tense” on February 3rd which focuses on racism at the heart of what we know to be “American”.

At a glance, it might not be easy to comprehend modern performance pieces like these. But this is the kind of stuff that continues to push the boundaries even after our social media posts lose steam. This is the manifestation of blood, sweat, and creative expression. This is the response to a seemingly unchanging political climate. When the horizon looks bleak, on-going exhibits like MOAD’s Living Together will be your catalyst for connection. So we can remind ourselves that we’re not alone, that we’re all experiencing the turmoil together.

“Living Together” is an on-going film and performance series with multiple exhibits happening simultaneously. Keep tabs on the events here, and spread the word!