Best Places to Buy Local Last-Minute Gifts

December 21, 2017admin

We know everyone’s stressing what to get your loved ones and how to top each other with that epic and memorable gift. But you really can’t put a price tag on something thoughtful, something with depth and meaning, no matter the bank. The gifts you never forget are the ones with soul and craftsmanship, just like Miami’s many artisans. So why not get a great present and support a local business while you’re at it? Here are some great spots to kill your holiday shopping:

Support Local Market at The Yard
Well, obviously. Located at The Wynwood Yard, you can also sip on a local brew while checking off that list. Open Thursday, December 21st to Saturday, December 23rd, here’s who you can peruse from: Buena Vista Candle Company, Golden Bar, Oraesempre, Shopcoolcreative, Liliana Salazar, Stevie Wanders Vintage, The Dreamcatchers-Miami, Workshop Taller Atelye, Open Card Now, Major Marketplace, / Kiterepublic Supply Co.. 
Best for: Handmade goods and great vintage finds.

Books & Books
It might be South Florida’s most influential (and beloved) independent bookstore, but it’s also a haven for other great discoveries that aren’t literature related. You can buy delicious sweets from their cafe or clever stocking stuffers conveniently located at the cash register for the ultimate last-minute temptation.
Best for: Your intellectual friend who appreciates a good escape.

Sweat Records
Just like the aforementioned bookworm haven, this record store is a Miami Mecca for any music lover. Whether your loved ones have a vinyl player or not, it’s a great place to find anything introductory, obscure, or everything in between. Their $1 bin is a perfect spot to start, but we suggest asking the staff for suggestions…they’re like elves, but for music.
Best for: Actually living up to your status as music aficionado.

In the world of museum gift shops, the PAMM shop seriously takes the cake. You can spend hours here (even longer than the actual exhibits) getting lost in witty cards, breath-taking coffee table books, and miniatures of many famous modern art masters. There’s even a great amount of Miami-centric stuff like pins, backpacks, and handkerchiefs. Plus, it comes with a pretty great view.
Best for: When you don’t know what to get but want to give something epic.

Boxelder Craft Beer Market
If we’re talking about getting a good gift, why not give the gift of beer? But not just any beer, the really really GOOD stuff. The Wynwood joint has shelves upon shelves of great bottles and limited edition brews from all over the city, state, and country. It’s a great place to start…and maybe get some for yourself. You know, just to try it.
Best for: Feeding a guilty pleasure.