The Okeechobee Acts To Know Right Now

December 18, 2017admin

Few things are as exciting as waiting for a beloved music festival’s lineup to drop. The countdown, the reminiscing on past years, the gather of the crew, and then the subsequent reaction to seeing them one-up themselves for what will be another stellar three to four days of musical jams. Most people freak out about the headliners and big names toward the top, but we’re big fans of checking out the lower levels–we mean the fine print artists on the brink of something magical.

For next year’s Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival going down March 1st – 4th, we’ve gone ahead and done the research for you, breaking down the acts you need to know now before they become household names. Check it out:

Son Little
This Philly R&B artist has been on our radar for years and we can’t contain our excitement to not only see him on the lineup, but also leading the Gospel Set featuring special guests. Son Little‘s sound is deep and remarkably soulful, with a modern twist to keep you on your toes.

The Main Squeeze
If you need a new funk addiction, look no further than The Main Squeeze. The Chicago outfit is the personification of a party, known to play their sets to raging crowds–even through rain storms. They blew The Wynwood Yard away when they came a few months ago, so we know they’ll be even more epic.

Essentially an onomatopoeia for what the Los Angeles-based duo sounds like, their “Daytime Disco” beats are perfect for that chill act you want to pregame to or get into before letting the nighttime hit you full throttle. Any time you have a chance to catch Poolside, don’t miss it.

When one person creates a sound so full it seems like a big band is taking the stage, you know something special is happening. That’s Flamingosis‘ way of life. It’s a funky sound that’s blended with hip hop and electronic influences that make it a perfect set to party to.

Chicano Batman
For the people who already know the legend of Chicano Batman, you know this set is a definite can’t-miss. It’s full on psychedelic soul, funk, indie, tropicalia, rock, oldies, and everything in between with a spicy twist that only a band from Los Angeles can manifest. Whatever you do, don’t pass on this one.

New to our radar (thanks to Okeechobee’s lineup) we’ve been bumping Shallou‘s sexy sounds ever since the announcement. Blending crisp and soulful vocals with down-tempo beats and gorgeous instrumentals, the Chicago producer knows how to make subtlety sound powerful.

This is a band that’s been finding itself on many festival lineups and with great reason. Brooklyn-based and vibrantly colorful, Turkuaz has something for everyone. From the impeccable runs of their two singing sirens, to the deeply funky horn section and of course, who doesn’t love a classic funk bass line. It’s a party from the 70s and we’re happy with that.

It’s hard to talk about bass without mentioning a name like Opiuo. It’s also actually hard to talk about heavy-hitters and see such a pivotal electronic artist in the smaller font size. The Australian by way of New Zealand DJ and producer is master of the throw down if you really want funky beats in your life.

Hippo Campus
The words “indie rock” don’t really do this Minnesota band justice by any means. Recently off a sold out tour, Hippo Campus guys know how to make a simple message sound deep–and make sure you have a great time while you’re out there tuning in. Keep a look out for their set, you won’t be disappointed.

And of course, congrats to Magic City Hippies and The Sh-Booms for making the line up! Snag your tickets here.