Wynwood’s Getting an Artisanal Ice Cream Shop and It’s Awesome

December 14, 2017Pola Bunster

You read that right. What fresh sourdough is to Zak The Baker, or donuts are to The Salty Donut, Dasher & Crank is the Wynwood artisanal ice cream shop we were looking for all along. After a successful Art Basel pop-up at their NW 2nd Ave. shop, they have two more weekend pop-ups up their sleeves before their epic grand opening on January 5th.

Although currently operating on a limited menu of profoundly unique flavors operating under themes like Pantone colors and holiday items, Dasher & Crank will eventually become a sweet arsenal of over 18 rotating flavors pairing cones to scoops and everything in between. Think: Chicken and Waffle ice cream on a maple bacon cone.But that’s not all, founder Daniel Levine and co-founders Ryan Elias and Chef Thomas McCarthy value local collaborations above all else.Not only do they try to remain as locally-conscious as possible when sourcing materials for their all-natural ice creams, but their future vision relies on the epic partnerships that lie ahead.

We’re talking beloved favorites like JoJo Tea, Per’la Specialty Roasters, Zak the Baker, Miami Smokers, cocktail masters, cultural influencers and beyond. So when you grab a scoop from Dasher & Crank, not only will you be biting into some of the most impressive ice cream to hit Miami in quite sometime, but you’ll be tasting all of the vibrant creativity that exemplifies Miami every single day.

But back to the ice cream at hand. Their in-house, small-batch flavors range from the ever-surprising Dark Mint with ingredients like activated charcoal and dark chocolate; to one of the most sumptuous scoops we’ve tried in a long time: Ube Macapuno jettisoned by the deep violet hue of the Philippine-native root vegetable. They both might sound interesting for many tastes, but if there’s anything Dasher & Crank sets out to teach us is that they know what they’re doing. And with Executive Pastry Chef Thomas McCarthy (Zuma) at the helm, they really do.

Thriving off of Miami’s boosting culinary ecosystem and capitalizing on its valuable year-round ice cream weather, they couldn’t have come at a better time. Eventually, the space will expand to have an interactive and conversationally-inviting atmosphere, with open dining spaces, plenty of counter space, and windows to see the good stuff getting made. They’ll even move to adult-friendly drinks and flavors for those looking to please a sweet tooth at night.

For now, their pop-up is as Instagram-worthy as Miami’s new-found Museum of Ice Cream except Dasher & Crank’s cool is nothing more than a bi-product of making something absolutely special. With most great things that catch easy wind, they transcend the very idea of “trend” because they’re making something real and keeping it real while they’re at it. In a short amount of time we know they’ll embody what it means to be a local and not only do what you love, but put a lot of love into what you do. And we’ll always get a double scoop of that.

Make sure to swing by their pop-up this weekend! More info here.

Address: 2211 NW 2nd Ave.
Time: Fri-Sun – 2PM – 10PM.

Photos by FujiFilm Girl.