On Wednesdays We Casa TropiSoul

December 6, 2017Pola Bunster

As contrived and exclusive as many people might think Miami is, we know first-hand that isn’t the case. In fact, there’s an outpouring of culture and creativity so strong, it’s growing faster than the city can take it. That can sometimes manifest itself into feeling like there isn’t a single place for simultaneously detachment and connection. Like you don’t know a group of people you can creatively rely on. Well, that’s where Casa TropiSoul comes in.

A lovechild of ours and DISfunkshion Magazine‘s, we can’t wait for what the future is going to look like now that we’ve found a weekly home at the incredible Ace Props. If you didn’t make it to our housewarming and sample sale yesterday, Casa TropiSoul is a sweet corner of the prop shop + studio that has been splashed with art, color, and a whole lot of flare for an extra welcoming vibe. Every Wednesday, we’ll be popping up there for a day out of the office and into the home where things like in-depth talks, workshops, concerts, activations and all the favorite culture you’ve always wanted but never knew where to find can, well, be found.

In case it still isn’t so clear, we cooked up a little manifesto below:

Have you ever wished for a caffeinated oasis? A place to fuel your innermost passions? Step right in and take a look around. You found it. This is where you dream, escape, and focus. It’s a weekly reminder that creativity is meant to be watered so it can flourish, and we all have something to offer each other. It’s a community you can collaborate both with AND at. Because support isn’t just in your bra. This is where organic connection not only lives, it’s cheered on by the girl bosses too inspired to put you down. Here, creativity is your currency and every person is a resource waiting to be tapped into. All you have to do is open the door because your soul already holds the key. Welcome home.