Generation Self-Care: Get Out to Get In

December 6, 2017Cristina Zeinali

#SelfCareSunday anyone?  When that hashtag comes to mind you may think of charcoal-masked selfies, luxurious spa retreats, a pricey workout class and, etc. However, self-care can come in many forms.  Practicing self-care can in fact be less costly, benefit us physically and emotionally and can be enjoyed with our best friends beside us.  

Recently, my friends and I have gathered on the weekends for long walks outside.  During the walk we have the chance to talk, de-stress and get some Vitamin D.  Walking for exercise actually has a ton of benefits! It sharpens your brain, strengthens your bones, boosts your mood, enhances your circulation, bolsters your memory, improves blood glucose levels, raises your immunity, and improves your sleep.  It is definitely therapeutic from the inside out!


If we’re up for a long walk, we’ll start in Brickell Key, walk to the Rickenbacker Causeway, over the bridge and back.  In total, that route logs in at around 6 miles roundtrip.   Another route that I love doing is simply walking on the path around Brickell Key that totals about 1.1 miles.  You can circle it several times to get in more mileage. It’s an ideal path because it’s simple, provides beautiful views of Miami and there are plenty of places to stop for a quick workout.  You can use the green space for squats, lunges, or burpees to rev up your heart rate.  

Photo by The New Tropic.


Along our walks in the Brickell area we’ll stop for a juice or smoothie to recharge and rehydrate.  Part of self-care is remembering to take it easy and re-nourish your body.  I love the smoothies and juices I’ve tried at Bertoni Gelato Caffe.   Their “Lime in the Coconut” Power Juice is so refreshing and light.  It helps to replace electrolytes and is made with lime juice, coconut water, spinach, lemon, pineapple and raw honey.  I recently ordered their “Barbie” Healthy Juice and loved it.  It’s labeled as a “re-charge” snack and it did just that.  Plus, how could you not get a boost just by sipping on something that bright and colorful?!

Photo by How We Local


If you’re staying in Brickell Key, you can go to Juicery Bar.  They have fresh juices, smoothies, specialty wellness shots, and healthy snacks.  I also noticed they have handy take-aways like bottled drinks such as kombucha, wraps and protein bars.  One day I walked in feeling dehydrated so I ordered their “So Fresh” juice that was made with watermelon, mint and ginger.  Watermelon helps with overall hydration which is necessary during long walks or prolonged activity.  

Other great options in Brickell are GreenLife and Dirt.  Dirt has a few smoothies and house-made lemonades for on-the-go.  If you’re looking for something different and maybe a caffeine boost too, I highly recommend their matcha lavender lemonade.

Coral Gables

I’m a huge fan of Coral Gables and have seen it evolve so much over the last couple of years.  Taking a more leisurely walk around this part of town is also a great way to walk, talk, and get in a workout.  Meet up with some friends and stroll southbound down Ponce de Leon crossing Miracle Mile and head straight to Ponce Circle Park.  There’s a path for walking or running and space around the fountain to do step ups and calf raises.  Benches also make great makeshift equipment to get in some aerobic exercise or stretches.   

Once you’re done in the park you can walk back towards Miracle Mile and stop by a local café’ or healthy eatery.  Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar, right on the Mile, has several great options for juices and smoothies.  I recently tried their Detox Power Juice and it was just what I needed! Plus, I love the atmosphere of this café.  You can take a quick break to sit inside or on their sunny terrace.  

A Gables favorite of mine is GreenLife Organic Bistro on the newly completed Giralda Aveune.  Their acai bowls are at the top of my list but they also have tons of cold pressed juices and smoothies.  Pictured below is their “Kale Crazy Smoothie.”  It was a delicious and well-balanced smoothie with kale, cucumber, spinach, banana and pineapple.

Coconut Grove

The Grove’s chill vibe is enough to get you in a more mindful mood as you walk and connect with your friends. You can do a few laps around Kennedy Park and walk along Bayshore Drive towards Peacock Park.  Your first pick-me-up option coming from Peacock Park into downtown Coconut Grove is Juicense.  Their “Super Green” smoothie is a favorite of mine.  It has banana, avocado, kale, spirulina, mint and honey.  The mint adds a “coolness” you’ll appreciate after you’ve worked up a sweat from all that walking!

A classic “Grovite” favorite is The Last Carrot.  I often get their juices and pictured below is their carrot & orange juice as well as a kombucha I took to try.  

Getting fresh air, exploring Miami by foot, and all the while connecting with friends is a self-care routine that I look forward to every week.