Press Play Local Spotlight: Channeler

November 30, 2017Ana Rojo

Channeler is the solo project of Miami-born DJ José Medina. Taking on a darker and more emotional style with his music, he has garnered notice throughout his hometown.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Medina left to complete his undergraduate degree at The University of Chicago. During his time there, he first encountered electronic music through the city’s underground club scene and was immediately taken with it.

After DJ-ing parties in Chicago and hosting a radio show, Medina transitioned into recording dark, genre- agnostic music and released his first self-released EP, Absent. The following year, he released Lullaby, an 11-track conceptual album on mourning a love lost. A soft, delicate album, Lullaby is Channeler showcasing himself at his most vulnerable.

His upcoming release Protocol, which is set to be released December 1, is a haunting symphony ambient nightmare that aspires to capture the heaviness of the invisible; imprisonment and immobility.

Check it out for yourself and catch Channeler at one of his ambient sound installations that have been showcased throughout Miami.

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