Art Basel 2017: Prism’s Guide to the Guides

November 28, 2017Pola Bunster

Photo by Hyperallergic.

We know taste is personal, so we’re not going to break down what we think you should be doing during the most overwhelming culture experience to hit Miami every year, Art Basel. What we will do though, is make your scheduling a little easier. We’ve gone ahead and read virtually every Basel Guide out there and have broken down what each one offers you as a committed Culture Crusader. Check out our guide to the guides:

For the Locals.


Many Miamians have already been-there-done-that when it comes to Art Basel, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to partake. So since you know which places to stay away from and which spots are can’t-miss, it’s great to have a local like Tropicult at the helm, telling you what to do from the eyes of a resident.

Spotlights: An in-depth look at the Superfine! Art Fair for new art collectors, and a highlight of ICA’s new digs and new exhibit.

For the First Timers.


Whether you’re coming in from out of town or you have to host friends, there are a few guides that are perfect for an all-around experience. From tips on where to stay and how to live it up, Rob Report‘s guide is as thorough as it gets. Condé Nast Traveler has a great breakdown from a more luxury perspective, and Miami Smith tells it like it is for a more local experience.

Spotlights: Miami Smith includes helpful hints and hotel discount codes to keep your wallet full. Traveler’s mini Wynwood guide is pretty on point.

For those “On-A-Budget”


Everyone knows that a consecutive week of partying and ride-sharing can take a toll on your bank account so why not save money and just head to the free events instead? Your experience will be just as well-rounded and fulfilling. Our girl, Roam Free Writes has the most comprehensive on-a-dime guide out there.

Spotlights: The Wynwood Yard’s multi-day free concerts featuring local and international acts (shameless plug) and a massive amount of “free w/ RSVP” parties.

For the Bougie Basel.


Photo by Eveology


If you’re looking to let it all out there during Miami Art Week, our city has quite the options for those bougie ladies and gents out there. Forbes has a guide to the 17 hotels throwing it down for the week and it’s pretty luxurious.

Spotlights: They’ve highlighted 1 Hotel South Beach’s musical lineup, the lobby of which was curated by yours truly. The Freehand Fellowship program with traveling artists in residency.

For the Ragers.


We know that Art Basel was once exactly for, you guessed it, the art. But with most things in Miami, it’s also become a place to see and be seen. Massive musical lineups and exclusive parties sprinkle the city with some of the world’s greatest entertainers. Time Out has broken down which events you shouldn’t miss and which parties are a must-go. And like every year, Miami New Times features the best in nightlife going down that week.

Spotlights: III Points has an epic musical lineup featuring acts like Bjork, JUNGLE, and WU-TANG CLAN and we’re dead. Red Bull Sound Select has another stacked list of emerging acts, and Crew Love’s showcase is always one of the best parties at Electric Pickle.

For the Art.


Believe it or not, this whole thing is actually about the art and some of us are actively looking for some mind-blowing creative experiences. Time Out delivers yet another great guide of the best art galleries to visit, and My Art Guides delivers a comprehensive look at fairs, shows, and museums and who’s behind them. Of course, there’s always Artsy with their fresh perspective of the best artists to catch.

Spotlights: Interactive sculpture installations at The Margulies Collection, cultural diaspora at the Haitian Heritage Museum, and of course all the art fairs you can get your eyes on.

For Literally Everything.


If this wasn’t overwhelming enough, Paper Mag makes sure you get the ultimate breakdown with their epic Art Basel Miami Beach Guide (parts 1 and 2) every year. They always know what’s up and ensure your full education pre-Basel.

Spotlights: Everything, duh.