Miami’s Artisans Have Found a New Home

November 15, 2017Pola Bunster

In times of growth, it feels like your attention is being pulled in many directions at once, like something beautiful and uncomfortable is happening at the same time. Such is the case with Miami, currently undergoing its greatest paradigm shift in many disciplines simultaneously. While leaders and decision-makers aim their focus where they please, we will never overlook those craftsmen and women who, amidst all the infrastructure changes, have decided to create, build, and stay here regardless.

‘Inspiring’ is an understatement when describing how much our local artisans have had to work against. While the odds might feel like they aren’t in their favor, it was out of this conflict that we created Support Local for these creators. And ever since its launch almost one year ago, the response has been heartwarming to say the least. Our path has led us to so many skilled makers, interested city officials, and supportive locals who believe in the movement and have played important roles along the way.

We’re so excited to say that the path has reached an essential turning point and it all comes down to one of our earliest supporters: The Wynwood Yard. Expanding its role as Miami’s outdoor community hub, they’ve incorporated an artisanal market onto their grounds and guess who’s curating the weekend vendors? That’s right. Support Local has partnered with The Yard to bring you the best in our city’s makers, creators, artisans and all the vendors you need to feel great and do good while you’re at it.

So this weekend we have many things to celebrate. First of all, it’s been two years since The Wynwood Yard first opened and changed the way locals interact with culture on a nightly basis. And to make the occasion even more special, we’ve marked it with the grand opening of the Support Local Market at The Yard tomorrow, November 16th! With special pop-ups from local creative badasses like DISfunkshion Magazine, BAMMIES, and even henna, plus live tunes from OIGO and Itawe (of Locos Por Juana), drink specials at the bar, and of course the delicious eateries that call The Yard home.

Check out the 11 vendors who will be popping up for the first weekend:

Golden Bar
Almost Always Vintage
Trinkets 4 D
Olsuss Skin Boutique
By Yeli
Fancy Hippie
Dungeon Forward

Launch weekend runs:
11/16 5PM-9PM
11/17 5PM -10PM
11/18 2PM-10PM
11/19 2PM-10PM

Think about it this way: when much of the city’s infrastructure makes small businesses and makers like these feel unwelcome and disillusioned amongst the million-dollar projects, it’s places like The Wynwood Yard that give these artisans home for a future of equal opportunity. The Market at The Yard will be open every weekend from Thursday to Sunday with a vibrant selection of vendors rotating every weekend. Check out the rest of the coming lineup:

Week 2 Vendors:
Golden Bar
Almost Always Vintage
The Tipsy Gardener
Carla Merino
Curandera Remedies
Hype Nail
Miami Wax Candles

Week 3 Vendors:
Golden Bar
Almost Always Vintage
Carla Merino
TV Head Company
Half Moon Leather
Daddy Daughter Jewelry
Gag Threads