The Nth Power: Sharing the Light

November 14, 2017Pola Bunster

In the realm of inciting connection and togetherness, there is no higher power than music. In all senses of the word, music and magic are synonymous and artists are the illusionists wielding that very strength. Aside from sports and religion, music has the influence to bring sizable amounts of people together and there really isn’t a surprise — all three of those things require hefty amounts of faith and soul. But more than anything else, music is universal. It’s something that everyone can understand and thrive in, regardless of language.

In fact, music is a barrier breaker in that respect. It doesn’t require fluency to comprehend what’s at its very core. You don’t need to undergo rituals to be included. You don’t need to travel far to follow it. But most importantly, whether in the brightest or darkest of times, music is always there. And now more than ever, we all need that kind of inspiring consistency. Whether it’s rock or rap, jazz or country, whatever the genre of preference, soul and spirit can be found everywhere in music.

A current favorite of ours right now, selflessly sharing the roots of gospel, jazz, funk, and soul are The Nth Power, a progressively tight outfit of light-bringers claiming New Orleans as their spiritual home. I first discovered their infectiously sexy talents at Suwannee quite a few moons ago and I still remember what it felt like to feel at home in their music. To share the smiling stares with friends feeling the same exact emotions–like a sonic inside joke. I have then been blessed to see them multiple times in different locations, and proudly listen on as they top themselves every time.

I remember seeing Nikki Glaspie as Dumpstaphunk’s former drummer many times, weaving effortlessly from rapping to “Vivrant Thing” to playing their New Orleans funk canon with ease (she was also Beyoncé’s touring drummer, btw). When I found out she moved on to start The Nth Power The excitement to see her performing her own originals eclipsed any melancholy I had to see her leave her former alter. Joined by Nate Edgar– one of the smoothest bassists around, and Nick Cassarino– an exceptional purveyor of sensual sounds, it was bound to be a perfect intersection.

One of the funny things about music though, is that recorded files can never do justice to those groups whose live performances are of a higher caliber all their own and The Nth Power is definitely one of those artists. Live, their music has the ability to amp you up while simultaneously open your heart to something naturally genuine. They are constantly respectful of the legends and fellow barrier-breakers who paved the way for them too, one of their most noble traits. With their Earth, Wind, and Power tributes or the recent Bob Marley homage I caught at Suwannee Hulaween, it’s hard to picture a sound they can’t capture with their music and a whole lot of soul.

With these kinds of talents, it’s hard to imagine they’d find their way among our midst. But alas, the musical gods are shining down on us during Art Basel where they will be coming down to The Wynwood Yard for a very special community show on Thursday, December 7th. Make sure to RSVP and witness the light yourselves and pre-jam to their tunes sprinkled throughout here.