Giralda Avenue – Before & After

November 10, 2017admin

We’ve spoke about the magic over at Giralda Plaza before, from their grand opening to the neighborhood-favorite Giralda Under the Stars series, but what was it before it became the anchor to Coral Gables’ pedestrian-friendly lifestyle? The direct answer is just your average low-lying (architecturally speaking of course) street with parallel parking and dimly lit sidewalks. But don’t let that fool you. Just like the rest of The City Beautiful, Giralda Avenue has always been a home for small local businesses and mom-and-pop shops.

In fact, local tenants gave it the nickname “Restaurant Row” years ago when it became clear that the trend was leaning towards F&B on the little Gables street. Neighborhood staples like La Dorada, Bangkok Bangkok, and The Bar have been there for years and have gathered a successful local following which as paved the way for trendy new-comers like Threefold Cafe, The Local, and PokeBao to also gather cult-like fame.

Giralda Under the Stars before and after.

As these businesses molded into their homes on Giralda Avenue they began to comfortably engage with the neighborhood through their delicious goods and services. Now that the beautiful streetscape and promenade design has been signed, sealed, and delivered, their audience is bound to reach across the entire city and into other Miami neighborhoods looking for that perfect destination to satiate even the pickiest of taste buds.

Haven’t experienced the beauty in person yet? Make sure to pass by on Friday, December 1st for their monthly Giralda Under the Stars live music celebration. More info here.