Two DJs Walk Into New World Symphony…

November 8, 2017Pola Bunster

What happens when you bridge the future with the past? Magic. It might sound like the beginning of some sort of purist joke, but it’s actually a big moment for Miami’s music scene. Two sonic worlds that are usually at odds are merging together for one special night at New World Center on Friday, November 17th for PULSE: NEON NIGHTS. In a time where opposites need to listen to each other, it’s inspiring to see that cultural behemoths like New World Symphony welcome this kind of collaboration between local DJs Dude Skywalker and composer Sam Hyken.

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For Alex Borges and Fabio Galarce, this kind of collaborative opportunity is the stuff that dreams are made of, it’s a chance to take their music and amplify it with the sounds that literally founded what their talents are based on. “The New World Symphony is music performance done at the highest level,” they said. “It is undoubtedly one of the coolest projects we’ve worked on.” And it all started with an email. A simple leap of faith has brought them into a world they’d never thought to dive in and now, the future is limitless for more unique synergies.

In the past, NWS has worked with other notable electronic kingpins like DJ Le Spam and Mason Bates to bring the party to life and have been met with a pretty cult-like following. Every year, the city bubbles in anticipation for these world premiere collaborations and gathers on Miami Beach to witness a bridging of genres to make any culture vulture proud. For those of us in the know, getting to experience something as luxurious as New World Center in a club-like setting is pretty awesome. And it just gets better and better.

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When you think about it, PULSE is a perfect recipe for simultaneous preservation and evolution. Classical music is about to modernize through electronic sounds and vise versa, keeping both sides of the demographic spectrum at the edge of their seats. “Working with NWS is a chance for us as artists to create music that bridges the gap between the dance floor and the orchestra pit” said the local DJs, although not without a good amount of creative sweat. They might’ve worked with live instrumentalists before, but this is Dude Skywalker’s first performance with an entire orchestra and even further, it’s the only time they are not relying on the usual improvisational format of their nightclub sets by spending a great deal of time planning and mapping out the show with local composer extraordinaire, Sam Hyken.

“It is a very structured process working directly with the unbelievably talented team at NWS” they said. “We are not entirely done with the process yet, but it has been a wonderful experience thus far.” After several jam sessions and collaborating with Hyken, they’ll be able to finalize the arrangement for the show and be one step closer to transforming their productions into music the orchestra can perform. When asked about what listeners can expect musically, they’ve hinted that the performance will be eclectic, groovy, energetic, and psychedelic with a latin flair: “Our goal is to make people dance and have fun, while giving them a spectacular musical experience only an orchestra can provide.” It will surely be epic to say the least.

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But don’t be fooled. Dude Skywalker might be some of the funkiest DJs in town, but they still attribute classical music as a huge inspiration since the very beginning. If you’ve had the chance to catch any of their performances, you’d notice that classical instruments and sounds pop up throughout many of their sets. Familiar with how classical music progresses with each movement, they’ve found the similarities out weigh the differences between the genres. For them, working with talented instrumentalists like New World Symphony has helped them discover that “a good beat can bring an orchestra to life and that every component of electronic music can be recreated via live instrumentation.”

At the end of the day, if you call yourself a music fan, no matter the specifics, these moments of intersection that PULSE is providing for the community are not to be missed. Or to put it in the words of the night’s DJs (because I couldn’t put it any better myself) “PULSE is the symphonic experience reinvented. It’s a celebration of modern music culture without losing any of it’s classical essence. It’s an event that demonstrates how timeless tasteful music actually is. A symbol for how classical instruments can vibe perfectly with new technology, and most of all, a demonstration of how much more awesome a kick drum sounds when providing the beat for an entire orchestra.”

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