7 Things We’re Looking Forward to in This Cooler Weather

November 3, 2017Isabella Acker

How many times have you wanted to do something outside in this city only to be met with a sea of “ugh it’s sooooo hot”s and “but the humidityyyyy”s? One of the main reasons we look forward to cooler weather in Miami, other than having clothes undrenched by sweat, is to actually be able to take advantage of all the beautiful things our wonderfully luscious city has in store. Now that the temperature has finally decided to chill (for the time being at least), you’ll catch us hopping, skipping, and jumping into these activities:


Photo by Miami Beach Advisor


Ah, yes. We take legs that don’t chafe after two steps for granted here and yet when summer comes along it’s a hell sandwich all over again. Now that we can actually walk around, it’s a perfect time to hit the many waterside boardwalks our city holds all the way from Miami Beach to Coconut Grove. Even as locals, the walkable art gallery that is Wynwood‘s many murals is always a great destination, especially now that you can capture Miami’s popular monuments under crisp blue skies.

Drinking (& Eating).

When it’s hot, we rush to be seated inside, only to groan under the weight of impending hanger and sweatiness to find it full. But now that’s it’s doable, sitting outside with a group of friends and family is the thing to do. The Wynwood Yard should be everyone’s first stop, chilling for hours with local brews in hand and jamming to local live music. Shuckers Bar + Grill is an essential bayside staple for catching football games now that the season’s in full swing. Lagniappe‘s outdoor patio is easily one of the more charming spots to hit with wine, cheese, and jazz on the side. And of course, The Standard is a key happy hour spot to end the day in style.


Photo by Active Junky


Although the list might be more directed to daytime activities, the cooler weather does bring brighter skies and a perfect atmosphere for checking out some shooting stars, especially at the Full Moon Drum Circles on the beach. When the temperature drops, the skies begin to clear so get those telescopes out. Whether you’re in your own backyard on a blow-up mattress and chilling with friends or you made the extra effort to drive towards The Everglades, either way you’ll be catching some beautiful views that don’t even need to try to look good.

Parks & Gardens.

Photo by Miami and the Beaches


Miami might be lacking in green spaces but the ones we do have can be quite breathtaking. We (im)patiently look forward to the cooler weather to be able to take advantage of Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and all the natural treasures it can hold. Especially when their Fall Garden Festival, The Ramble, rolls around November 10th – 12th, which turns 77 this year. Making art, hanging in hammocks, and playing sports outside at any of Miami’s great parks is a great choice too. Our favorites? Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove, Alice Wainwright bordering Brickell, and Matheson Hammock in South Miami.

The Water.

Photo by Florida Hikes


Sure, this one you really can do all year around, but only in short spurts. Any activity that has to do with the water can be drawn out into an all-day thing now without the anxiety of whether or not you’ll faint under the sun (we know this from personal experience). Kayaking around Oleta‘s winding waterways, spending the entire day at any of Miami and Key Biscayne’s beaches to catch the sunset, a calmer weekday morning at Venetian Pool, and even taking your boat (or your friend of a friend’s boat) out for a spin to Splitsville with a nice light jacket because it’s so Cape Cod.

Riding Your Bike.

Photo by Visit Florida


Although convertibles and motorcycles are in their prime at this time of year, why not opt for the bike option and have some time to take in the beauty around you? David Byrne would be so proud. Grabbing a crew and feeling your most Now and Then is what we’re all about this time of year, especially when you’re biking around Coral Gables or Coconut Grove for some dream house hunting or heading to Shark Valley for a long trip. One of our favorite bike rides is from Coco Plum Circle down Old Cutler Road and getting tickled by the dangling banyans along the way. Return on Red Road and pop by Wayside Market for a world-famous strawberry shake.

Discovering New Neighborhoods.

Photo by Viernes Culturales


Because of the heat, we tend not to spend full days exploring new territory in other neighborhoods and stick to the nearest spot with central A/C. But now you can really discover the vibrant culture in Little Havana or the architectural history in Coral Gables. You can even be a good local and spend hours at any of Miami’s great farmer’s markets like Pinecrest Gardens or Coconut Grove. And if you really want to get some gold stars, grab a crew and head down to Homestead and The Redlands on a Saturday for the Mexican Food Market or, some rolls at Knausberry Farm…or both.