Meet the New Ultimate Experience at PAMM

October 4, 2017Andrea Flores

A new, innovative design has made the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) its home. Known as Cucuyo but referred to as a “mobile cocoon”, is the latest dynamic project combining both art & cuisine. Ideally positioned with a Biscayne Bay view, the mobile café serving farm-to-table bites and refreshments was designed by Miami’s Berenblum Busch Architecture (BBA).

Now, you may think, alright cool yet ANOTHER contemporary piece at PAMM, what’s so special? Truth is — the whole concept of Cucuyo is insane! For starters, this is a 700-pound stainless steel architectural design also made up of large scale 3D printing provided by MX3D based in the Netherlands.

This may already sound pretty impressive, but let me get into the challenging part for a dash of extra amazement — Cucuyo is a lightweight multi-functional piece that can be dissembled for relocations. So just consider for a minute how truly complex, yet ingenious building such a structure must’ve been! Despite the challenges, BBA’s very own Claudia Busch said “Creativity in architecture comes from addressing the issues at hand while being open to new ideas or influences” and we couldn’t agree more.

Cucuyo is officially on-site and easy to spot once you step into PAMM’s outdoor area. Some must-have menu items currently offered at this grab-&-go mobile cocoon include: the Slice Chimichurri Roast Beef, Roasted Jerk Chicken Breast and the vegetarian-friendly Green Goddess sandwich. Made with quality, fresh ingredients, you can look forward to seasonal menu changes at the café year-round as well!