Our Go-To Dishes and Where To Find Them

September 18, 2017admin

Is there anything more satisfying than a good meal? No, seriously. It might be just us, but most of our time is spent deciding where to eat or what to dig into. *Stomach rumbles* And with all that’s been going on, this is the perfect time for a little stress eating (if you haven’t been doing that already). So here are some of our favorite dishes around the city and where you can find them.

Alternative Nachos
The ultimate shared plate for anyone who likes a good Tex-Mex plate. There are quite a few good options around town but one of our favorites is at Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Co.‘s Cauliflower version. Piled high with blended cheese, avocado, and all the usual suspects, this one also comes with a twist of flavor: radishes, cauliflower, and pomegranate seeds. Just trust us.

Photo by Yelp.com.

Moroccan Pizza
Alright, we know pizza is always a touchy subject and the world is split in many different camps. Thin crust, deep-dish, no sauce, extra cheese…it can go on forever. But if we bar all the traditional factors and use the deliciousness as a foundation to make something amazing, the Moroccan pizza at Mina’s Mediterraneo is worth a shot. Homemade lamb sausage and harrisa make everything pop and that crust has the perfect crunch.

Vegetarian Empanadas
Everyone knows about Miami representing nearly every Latin culture, so the food around town is bound to reflect that. Nestled in the Buena Vista neighborhood is a sweet little Argentinian gem, Fufi Restaurant, where empanadas reign supreme. She has quite the lengthy list of options but our personal favorite is the leek & cheese, perfect for all the vegetarians out there.

Peruvian Fusion in a Bun
For those of you who know the culinary flavors of Peru, you’ll know that Asian flare isn’t uncommon. So when we stumble upon Lettuce & Tomato Gourmet Gastrobar in North Miami, we knew we’d be right at home. Their menu is filled with all the kinds of things that’ll make you crazy, but it’s really all about their Lomo Saltado Bao Buns which you’ll want at least three orders of.

Photo of the Corvina bun by MiamiNewTimes.com.

Fresh Quiche
We can’t have a list about food without the culinary knowledge of the French culture. There are many great local patisseries and boulangeries around town, but an O.G. spot is Buena Vista Deli, where gluten rules all. You can spend a few hours wondering which sandwich to get or go straight to our go-to: their mouth-watering quiches. Hit up the goat cheese & portobello, you won’t be sorry.

Photo of their Quiche Lorraine by Palm Beach Post.

Gourmet cookies
Now that we’re on the subject of baked goods, it’s time we talk about the things we all love to cheat on our diets with: cookies. Whether chocolate chip or something more adventurous, Cindy Lou’s Cookies is our go-to…especially since they deliver to our office in less than 15 minutes. Which isn’t exactly a good thing. But you know what is? The red velvet cookie with a cream cheese swirl.

Noodles on Noodles
You can say anything you want about Miami’s food scene coming late to the party, but you won’t see us complaining about it while picking between the growing selections of Thai spots to eat at. One of our all-time favorites is Cake Thai Kitchen, not just because of its convenient proximity to our office at MADE at The Citadel, but because of their drunken beef lo mein. They’re a must-try.

Photo of their pad thai with prawns by Zagat.com.

Not Your Average Curry
So we can talk Indian or Thai, or even Caribbean here, but we can all agree that curry can come in all shapes and sizes. One surprising outpost with one of our favorite servings of rich, coconut milk curry is at Sherwoods Bistro + Bar in Little River. You can find it in the form of their chief’s bowl, packed with great things like sweet potato, brown rice, and lentils.

Tikka Tikka Yeah
Speaking of curry, we’re pretty sure we’ve found the best Indian outpost in Miami: Zaika Indian Cuisine. You know a place is authentic when homeland natives frequent it on the nightly (as do we), and their chicken tikka masala is no joke. It’s rich and creamy, but we suggest you go during lunch to get a samosa + entree + rice + naan combo for a massive deal. Tip: get the garlic naan.

Fresh Croissants
Miami’s got quite the stacked lineup of bakeries (see: Buena Vista Deli above) and whether they’re Latin-bred of European-rooted, they all have their signature dishes. Fresh off of expanding their in-house bakery, Flavorish Market is not only serving perfect lattes, they also house our favorite ham & cheese croissant in town.

Avocado Toast
Again, another sore subject for anyone who’s into trendy food. You can find this popular brunch dish virtually anywhere around the city, but we’re pretty confident that Threefold Cafe has one of the absolute best in town. It locally-sourced, piled high on top of a Zak the Baker slice, and bursts with flavor (and mushrooms) in every bite.