Support Local: Baking with La Romi Bakery

August 12, 2017Janel Allen

As I sit here savoring a delicious dulce de leche molten lava cake that I made under the direction on Romina Naperstek, my satisfied tastebuds are so happy businesses like hers exist. Aptly named La Romi Bakery, Romi spends her time giving you a taste of her passion for cooking and baking.


Growing up, Romi was the designated baker. And when she became a pre-school teacher she loved seeing how fascinated and excited children got every time they had a hand in baking. Wanting to improve her own skills, she looked high and low for classes locally but always either found a one-day class or a full degree option. With a desire to fill that need, she returned to Argentina to get a degree in baking and pastries. And that is how La Romi Bakery was born. A result of a passion for baking and teaching.

When she came back to Miami, she began catering and hosting classes that in turn, don’t solely teach people how to cook, but also help folks relax and gain confidence. Romi has an amazing way of encouraging you to take a stab at recipes you never thought you’d be able to conquer. When we dropped into her beautiful home for a class of our own, we had no idea we would be able to leave there saying we now knew how to make alfajores, cheese scones, and dulce de leche lava cakes. I mean, after taking that class, I’m going to be everyone’s fave at potlucks.

We loved the way she took the the time to be sure we could make each recipe without the use of appliances or equipment we most likely don’t have in our homes. It was incredible to spend an afternoon connecting with food, the team, and Romi. She is really onto something special. There is something so genuine about how she is approaching her cooking classes. She really has a way of making the art universal, and ultimately delicious, for all skill levels.

She is always looking for restaurants, bakeries, or other kitchens to host her classes so be sure to keep an eye out for this one-stop-shop for everything tasty. Pro tip: Name-drop “Support Local” with Romi to receive an extra recipe added into class recipe booklet or a 15% discount if you spend over $50 on catering.

Photos by: Fujifilmgirl