Izzy Livin’: Supporting Local in Your Own Home

July 28, 2017

By Isabella Acker

Before we get into all the cool trinkets and home furnishings that I’ve put into my cozy quarters, it’s important I give you a quick back story on why this means much more to me than meets the eye. Around this time last year, I had the opportunity to travel to some amazing cities like Portland, Asheville, and Brooklyn and felt so drawn to find the local creative community in all of these neighborhoods. I wanted to find the graphic designer who is creating beautiful handmade prints, the artisan who produces unique clay masterpieces, the coffee shop owner who prides himself in how he roasts his beans and creates a one of a kind experience in his shop.

These people, like myself, are entrepreneurs putting their livelihood into their dreams and enriching their cities with character and craft. As I wandered through the streets of Portland, I kept noticing an amazing sticker storefront, “Supportland” – a mission to strengthen neighborhood business districts that lead to thriving local economies through a local incentives program. I immediately felt drawn to the mission and wondered what would Miami’s collective small business community look like all in one place?

Many things have been a catalyst for the Support Local movement and as grateful as we feel for the overwhelming community feedback, we realize our work is just getting started. We have many ambitious goals for the platform, one of which is changing the current permitting process for brick and mortars to build in Miami and the other, while not as ambitious, still challenging in that locals are willing to change their consumer pattern and start purchasing their goods in their very own backyard.

We are starting with ourselves, and with that, welcome to my home. You can keep your shoes on.

Hand: Exile Books Zine Fair, Polar Bear & two Fridas: Lady Noel Designs, Balloon: Olarte.

Candle: Soy Society Candle Co.

THX Co sticker, Culture Crusaders postcard.

Yellow Green Farmer’s Market find.

Bookcase by Grove + Anchor.

Sign by The Folklohr.

Izzy’s famous Avo Toast.

Found at The Miami Flea from Cuci’s Closet.

Custom painted cupboards by Lily’s Tesoros.

Found at the Indie Craft Bazaar in Fort Lauderdale.

Macrame hanger by Yerbamala Designs, plant from the Yellow Green Farmer’s Market.

Taken at Afrobeta’s Mooncake jam at the North Beach Bandshell.

Original piece by Jenny Perez.