Press Play: iLe

July 26, 2017Ana Rojo

iLe, the Puerto Rican singer, composer and vocalist, is the leading badass lady of Puerto Rico’s own Calle 13 and now superstar solo singer. She will be making her solo Florida debut here in Miami this fall at the North Beach Bandshell.

Joining Calle 13 when she was only 16 the Grammy winner (which she received for her debut solo album iLevitable for best Latin, Rock, Urban or Alternative Album) has always had a love and passion for music, something she inherited from her mother and grandmother. Starting music at a young age, she joined her school choir and studying piano at the Puerto Rico Music Conservatory and eventually joined her famous brothers to form Calle 13.

iLe’s musical skills as not only a vocalist but as a serious composer radiates through her music. When you listen to her songs, you can hear the many layers and the intricacy in the arrangements which she achieves by collaborating with some of Puerto Rico’s most prominent musicians for her debut solo album. Her music is strongly rooted in her Hispanic background, taking elements from retro Latin music and interperting them uniquely in her vision by fusing some of  her alternative rock influences from her time in Calle 13. With powerful vocals that express so much longing and passion, it is no wonder she is a force in the Latin music world.

Her tour which kicks off this fall brings her to the magic city on November 2 and iLe is definitely something you have to catch in person. To get you hyped, here is “Caníbal.”

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