Yield for the hummus at Dizengoff

July 25, 2017Janel Allen

So hummus is a thing for us at Prism. When we aren’t culture crusading or supporting local, we are eating hummus. Is that an exaggeration? Maybe, but probably not. So you can only imagine our reaction when we heard that a restaurant that would be giving hummus centerstage was coming to Miami. Let’s just say, we celebrated…with hummus. Ok, I think you get it.

Today was the day we have been training for: Dizengoff is open! With locations in Philadelphia and NYC, and named for one of Tel Aviv’s most iconic streets, Dizengoff is serving up a variety of kosher-style hummuses in the style of Israeli hummusiyas, or hummus stalls. Topped with locally-grown produce, there are options for vegans and vegetarians alike. Because everyone deserves a nice dip into this goodness.

Open the doors and you feel like you’ve stepped off of the streets of Wynwood and into Tel Aviv. With actual posters from the streets of the big city plastered on the walls, colorful tiles and a walk up window to order your hummus of choice, Disengoff takes you away for a while. And with options that range from Onion With Schug and Foul With Tomato (fava beans, string beans), to Merguez (lamb with pickled cabbage) and Corn Masabacha, there really is something worth diving into with every visit. And did we mention that the menu is seasonal?

The delicious brainchild of award-winning chef Michael Solomonov and his business partner Steve Cook, Dizengoff is where you will perfect your method for ‘wiping hummus’. Every bowl of hummus is served up with a salad, and an oven-fresh pita to be washed down with a frozen lemonanna. And when done, head right next door to their other sweet concept, Federal Donuts. You really can’t go wrong here. So head on over and make it a whole situation. You won’t regret it.

Photos by Fujifilmgirl.