Support Local Collaboration

July 21, 2017Janel Allen

Support Local is not only the action you take to be a consumer of local goods and services, but it also is the act of collaborating and working together for the greater good of community. Supporting local means taking the time connect, create, and innovate right here at home. Our mission is to create a platform that serves as a resource to all things local. From graphic designers to baked goods, we aim to act as the missing puzzle piece that brings talent and the need for that talent together to keep dope things, and dope people here.

Last month, we hosted a Support Local Mixer at Brothers and Brawlers with the theme of ‘Collaboration’, and in true collaborative nature, we asked folks to let us know via post-it notes what they needed and what they could give. From those post-its, we were able to directly connect over 40 organizations. Wedding planners to venues, photographers to street artists, musicians to opportunities. We were able to direct people to folks willing to lend their services. It was the true essence of collaboration over competition. We love celebrating those wins and want to continue to do so. Here are just a few of the Support Local connections we can’t wait to see thrive.

LuLu’s Ice Cream x City of Miami

If you aren’t familiar with LuLu’s Nitrogen Ice Cream, you ought to be. From Guava Goat Cheese to Hint of Mint, Luisa Santos is serving up ice cream from scratch using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Through her experience (and headaches) of opening a brick-and-mortar in Miami, she took the time to compile a document that serves as a guide to get through the process. As a result, she will be working with The City of Miami, and more specifically, Chief Innovation Officer, Michael Sarasti, to provide a starting point for seeing where efficiencies can be met during the process. And soon, her guide will serve as a starting resource on We are so excited to see how this progresses and the impact it will have on our city.


Small businesses in Miami are always on the hunt for talent. And so many folks at our last mixer were looking to be connected. With a quick post on Instagram, we were happy to hear that Wynwood Shop and Ölsüss Skin Boutique have already hired an intern, and several others are in talks with multiple inquirers. In the same way, we are excited to see artists, musicians, designers, photographers, and others thrive in venues and opportunities they have been introduced to via this platform. From Maslowfit now doing yoga classes at Wynwood Shop, to Holz Longboards now being sold out of Brothers and Brawlers, the connections made have been incredible.

StartUP FIU FOOD x Whole Foods

StartUP FIU FOOD serves as an incubator for Miami’s food entrepreneurs to provide them a venue to help them get their endeavors off the ground. With an intro to the folks from Whole Foods, they are now working on ways to collaborate for the greater good of local food businesses.

Spreading the Mission

It is so exciting to see folks get invested into what Support Local stands for. The Salty Donut, is now selling Support Local branded t-shirts, Box Coffee will soon have Support Local specialty koozies, and Ölsüss Skin Boutique, a special Support Local soap. These collabs are all in the hopes of introducing Support Local, and what it stands for, to others so we can all get on board with diving into local.

Big Brands x Small Businesses

We are so happy to see big brands get behind small businesses. West Elm, Madewell, and lululemon, are just some of the few that are working to incorporate small businesses into their operations. From workshops, to getting them on shelves, local businesses are given the opportunity to shine on a well-lit stage.

Space and talent

Since we began Support Local as a result of seeing a need for a platform that serves as a resource and champion for small businesses and those looking to discover them, there has been an outpouring of support for us as this labor of love continues to grow. Our dear friends at The Anderson, Brothers and Brawlers, The Citadel, and Microtheatre Miami have lended us their space to convene. Unconventional, has offered to create one of a kind interactive murals at each of our monthly mixers, and the talented Fujifilmgirl continues to go above and beyond to help us capture the essence of local businesses through photo. We are so grateful for the continuous offers from the community to help us nurture this initiative.

As we see collaborations continue to grow. We are excited to continue to serve as a host for connection and support. Collaboration is the only way we can push the button and move things forward and we are here to catalyze that movement.