Press Play: Ha Ha Tonka

July 20, 2017Ana Rojo

Indie rockers Ha Ha Tonka are the cool dudes of the Midwest music scene. The quintet, who are originally know as Amsterband, have not lost their energy and vibrancy as they’ve matured, which is reflected in their music.

Named after a state park in the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, the five friends have been together for quite some time having formed in 2004 in West Plains. After two self-released albums and then finally signing to Bloodshot Records, the band has gone through their fare share of trying times with shifts in band members and losing recordings of music sessions but despite all of that, they have continued on with their passions and have been playing around the country and the world.

Their latest LP, Heart-Shaped Mountain, was released earlier this year and showed a huge leap from their original work. They’re music has a lot more of a serious tone and vibe while still using their almost surf rock style with which they have become synonymous. With a lot more emphasis on vocals and lyrics, they’ve dove into the theme of their album: love. With strumming mandolins and soft guitar licks, they definitely have the lightly orchestrated ensemble but now with the seriousness and change in tone.

Ha Ha Tonka are no doubt a can’t miss if they pass through South Florida so check them out if you have the chance and have a listen to “Race to the Bottom” from Heart-Shaped Mountain.