The Badass Ladies of Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere

July 17, 2017Pola Bunster

For those of you who don’t watch “Game of Thrones” I must apologize on behalf of my fellow fantasy nerds for filling up your feeds about last night’s season 7 premiere (and, let’s face it, every Sunday night until the end of the season). But last night was more than just a great opening episode, it was a massive golf clap for strong female characters everywhere. So I broke down the fab five with some humor for your morning coffee break. Shall we begin?

After leaving us completely jaw-dropped at the end of last season, the ninja that is Arya stole the coldest open of any season premiere I’ve seen in a long time. This meme pretty much sums up Arya this opener and probably for the rest of the storyline. Look at the smirk. LOOK AT IT.

“I don’t plan on knitting by the fire while men fight for me.” Lady Lyanna Mormont, we vow our loyalty to you forever. Also, did you almost make that grown man Lord Glover cry? Yes. Yes you did. Cue: Brienne, Sansa, and literally everyone in the room looking at her with pride.

Sansa, baby. After all the things you’ve experienced (which we will not get into because angry tears are real, y’all) you are wonderful. Seeing as your father and brother (and, well, both your past husbands) never listened to a woman’s advice…I’m liking this development.

The amount of hatred I have for Cersei is unquestionable, but darn it I would probably admire her too given that she was able to rise to power without anyone stopping her (or even questioning her for blowing up A WHOLE CATHEDRAL). It’s impressive but I still think of her as a spoiled brat. Queen of the Spoiled Brats.

Last but not least, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Queen D takes back her throne on Dragonstone. Not only does her squad look fierce and her dragons roughly the size of 747s, I couldn’t help but shed a tear for her finally making her way back to her rightful home and kingdom. Nay, QUEENdom.