Press Play: Priests

July 11, 2017Ana Rojo

D.C. punks, Priests, are the no b.s. band that have exploded into the music scene. With zero filters, they are not afraid to challenge any sort of authority, which is something they have been mastering since their inception.

Since forming five years and also creating their own label, Sister Polygon Records, the four-piece group has never shied away from trying to dismantle oppression and corruption. Taking cues from punk rock predecessors and icons, such as Patti Smith and The Sex Pistols, Priests use their cutting guitar licks and banging vocals, provided by Katie Alice Greer, as a means to not just thrive as a punk band but to push their idea of opposition, which they have been doing even before society was soured this year.

Releasing their debut LP, Nothing Feels Natural, at the beginning of the year after two tapes, a single and and EP, the band dabbled and mixed in different genres to create a cesspool of sounds ranging from 60s surf rock to jazz to indie pop all while still belting their anarchic lyrics.

Priests music keeps pushing boundaries and limits and may feel almost relevant in this era where communities and hoards of groups are coming together to resist, once again, the main theme of what Priests does.

Here is “Jj” and make sure to check out the rest of Nothing Feels Natural if you feel like unleashing your inner rebel.