What Really Happens When You Support Local

July 7, 2017Janel Allen

(Photo: JORGE DE LA TORRIENTE – www.delagallery.com)

When you choose to support local businesses you make more of an impact on your community than you know. Supporting local entities helps keep the community in tact and thriving. It is what encourages folks to create, build, and stay. Here are just a few things that happen when you choose local over big brands.

You help make Miami Miami

Each business brings something so special to making our city unique. The more we support small businesses, the more we attract others to come out to see what makes us special beyond the beach and the sunshine.

You keep the dolla dolla bills here

Typically, for every $100 you spend at a local business, about $68 stays in the community. At a chain, it’s generally about only $43.

You make special shine

Local businesses help to create a personality within the community. When you support that you support individuality and you support keeping it here.

You get a job, you get a job

Local businesses have a way of creating higher quality, and at times, higher-paying jobs for locals.

You make the environment smile

Local businesses use less fuel and packaging that goes into transport. You also stand behind products that are well and consciously made.

You keep the community rollin’

Local businesses play a part in a community causes more than twice as much as chains and they are here to support the city’s future.

You make taxes count

When you shop local, there is more money available in the community and those sales taxes you spend are reinvested here.

You allow creativity to shine

Local businesses have the chance to hone in on their passions. When you embrace that you allow diversity to shine and who doesn’t like to have a variety in choice?

You love on the experts

Local businesses put the love and effort into perfecting their craft for you enjoy. You get the chance to know the stories behind businesses and on top of that, the service is typically top notch.

You support entrepreneurship

You allow entrepreneurs to shine and build with the community. You support their effort to bring dope things to the city. We all benefit!

Inspired by http://sfloma.org