The Hidden Gems of Coral Gables

July 5, 2017Pola Bunster

When we think of culture and history, Coral Gables is one of the first neighborhoods that comes to mind. It’s an encapsulation of Miami’s artistic identity, a remnant of what it began as and a perfect platform for what’s to come (note: Coral Gables Art Cinema above). As part of our latest Culture Crusaders adventure with the Business Improvement District of Coral Gables, we took some time to discover and support some of the many charming small business that call the area home. Particularly, the booming coffee culture that can’t go unnoticed:

Small Tea Co.

Nestled on the beautiful Aragon Avenue, Small Tea Co came up seemingly out of nowhere, sprinkling the area with herbal magic and wisdom overnight. The space is dark and dreamy, with a beautifully patterned wood interior contrasted by black walls for an extra Brooklyn-inspired vibe. But what strikes you the most is the shelves upon shelves of loose leaf tea, numbered and ordered based on blend and mood.

Books & Books

We know it’s a popular name both nationally and locally, but Books & Books will still always going to be a gem. Not just because it’s the most successful independent bookstore to come out of Miami, but also because their courtyard is enchanting at all hours of the day. Their coffee shop is embraced by food-driven literature, and you can still enjoy a cup outside intermingled with live music on some nights.

Cafe Demetrio

One of the neighborhood’s greatest staples, everything about Cafe Demetrio fits perfectly in Coral Gable’s Mediterranean inspired landscape. It’s old-world in every way, being around since 1991 and focusing on artisanal food and amazing coffee and pastries. The shop might close at 6PM but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their leafy backyard for a lunchtime meeting or much-needed escape.

Threefold Cafe

It’s no surprise that Threefold Cafe has become somewhat of a source for Miami pride, seeing that its owner, Nick Sharp is so passionate about the city even after moving here from Australia only four years ago. The cafe is in the heart of what will be the gorgeous Giralda promenade and is an anchor for what a welcome hangout should look like. Friendly, full of light, and featuring one of the best avocado toasts in town, it’s a must.

Cafe Curuba

We’re extending the coffee love to some of the streets less-traveled in the neighborhood, making it to the recently opened Cafe Curuba. It’s intimate and personable, and everything you want out of a coffee spot. Shelves are lined with vintage knick knacks and packs of freshly roasted beans, but it’s the amazing pastries and baked goods that really bring us back–top notch in every way.

Chocolate Fashion

We can’t have a coffee round up in the Gables without spotlighting this bistro treasure. Although the cafe became so popular it expanded to two other locations, we’re talking about Chocolate Fashion‘s original location on Andalusia Avenue. Your classic European sweets and baked goods like fresh breads, macarons, cakes, and petit fours are lined tastefully in coolers, while bistro tables and leather booths await for the more substantial French and Spanish dishes.

Photos by the talented Fujifilm Girl, check out the full photo album here.