How You Can Support Your Local Economy Right Now

July 3, 2017Prism Prism

To many of us, supporting our local economy is second nature, and entirely necessary for personal connection with our home city. But for most of our fellow residents, it’s hard to change up habit for something that has a far more positive effect in the long run. Breaking the cycle of convenience isn’t has difficult as you might think. Starting with these small easy steps, you can start making a big difference for our local economy:

Look for the key word: “Local”.

This one may be obvious but you’d be surprised at how little we know about where to shop locally. Big market chains like Whole Foods have uncannily helpful blue labels that pepper their shelves, denoting what products are local and which are imported. You’ll find them in virtually every aisle, even the produce section. Supporting local businesses starts by opening your eyes and looking for the homegrown signs.

Share the Love.

How many local eateries, bars, or hangs have you raved about to your friends until they’ve become go-tos? How many have you actually helped boost by throwing up an easy positive review? The success of the local business, no matter how small, rides upon what we’ve all become somewhat enslaved by: the internet. How do you judge that a new place is good? By seeing the reviews and ratings. So help the little guys and spread that excitement for all to see.

Brag about it.

On that same note, posting about your experiences on social media is a huge marketing help for these small businesses. Many of your surrounding brick & mortars have had to jump through hoops just to open, so much so that their marketing juice is pretty exhausted. So anything helps. If you buy some handmade goods by a favorite local maker, snagged your favorite album from your nearest local record store, or even just loved a mural you stumbled upon, snag a photo or share a post and their presence will grow exponentially.

Taste your local environment.

Do a little research and see what produce is not only in season but is native to the soil around you. Our surroundings ensure that the natural world compliments what nutrients and vital minerals we need to live strongly in our environment. After that research, you can go to any local farmer’s market and look for those ingredients, pick up a great recipe or cooking technique, and you’ll be supporting many levels of local flavor. Keep an eye out for restaurants that source locally, too.

Explore your city.

Try new things and learn about the local businesses that surround you. We know that supporting local businesses and makers might mean a slight uptick in price or a less convenient drive, but you actually know where your money is going, and to whom. Take a day to just roam through your surrounding streets, whether they’re mini malls or trendy, and taste new spots or shop at different stores. You’ll not only get a better idea of what your city holds, but you’ll see your hometown with new and proud eyes.

Find out more about how you can help our local businesses by checking out our Support Local directory. And dive into this in person at our next Support Local mixer at MADE at the Citadel on July 19th. RSVP here.

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