Press Play: Jessie Reyez

June 21, 2017Ana Rojo

Toronto-born and Miami-bred, Jessie Reyez has meshed the musical stylings of jazz and rhythm and blues with her Colombian roots to create perfectly synced sounds. With a similar musical style to Amy Winehouse, Reyez’s music is a reflection of her life, the good and the bad, and her passion for the art.

Having worked with names such as King Louie and befriending Chance the Rapper, she has moved her way into the music industry slowly and is now ready to show her music and writing. Reyez’s music has such a cool blend of sounds and elements which she credits to her ever-changing surroundings.

Her first single, “Figures”, which is part of her latest EP released in April, “Kiddo”, showcases her versatile voice and her ability to “lay it all out there”, taking inspiration from an ex-boyfriend, which is obvious when you really listen to the lyrics of the song. With very simple instrumentals, mainly an electric guitar strumming in the background, her voice bellows through. That is incredible talent, to only have your voice showcasing in a song without any sort of additions or tweaks.

As we currently jam to the new EP, we can’t stop listening to “Figures” and “Shutter Island”. This is also definitely a performer you would not want to miss out seeing live. Jam to the new release below and see you when she comes to town!