Artist Interview: Femina

June 20, 2017Pola Bunster

It’s a well-known fact that music is a powerful platform for connection.

For the Argentinian trio, Femina, that connection is the driving force that pushes their souls to create. Straight from the Patagonian hills, the musicians use music as an agent for communication and, inevitably, to create a deeper bond between themselves, their audiences, and the world.

What makes them different from any other musician or artist using self-expression as a tool to deeper understand life? Well first of all, they’re three women who rap and sing in perfect harmony — and in Spanish. With that as their lead, it’s pretty easy for the folk-fusion outfit to stand out. But although the three might have differing tones and musical visions, it’s not what sets them apart but what they share in common that strengthens that special bond.

On the cusp of their upcoming North American tour and first-ever show in Miami on Thursday, June 29th at The Miami Beach Edition, I spoke to guitarist Sofía “Toti” Trucco on their sisterhood, love for the world, and creative habits that make them entirely unique and necessary in today’s seemingly colorless world.

Clara and Sofia Trucco grew up in a close family of artists and creatives. Their household was filled with the act of constant creation, a lifestyle that formed a foundational key to their personalities. After moving to Buenos Aires from the Patagonian vastness, Trucco immediately befriended Clara Miglioli over — guess what? Music. The two would spend hours gushing over a shared love for rap and hip-hop, eventually playing around with rhymes and beats of their own and composing their first songs by 2004.

Growing up together, the sisters developed “a very deep connection and a fluid communication” that translates into their creative process and the results it yields: “We grew up looking at the world with a very similar lens, so that’s important and authentic in us and our music,” Trucco said.

A big part of that lens and a constant source for inspiration is their shared Argentinian roots and love for their homeland.

“Our home is a piece of art itself,” she said. “Its landscapes, mountains, lakes, the silence, the sounds. We always go back to that, it’s our deepest truth.”

For an international act, their world travels and eagerness for cultural discovery has also found its way into their eclectic sense of style — another shared passion. Bright colors, vibrant attention to detail, and unabashed pride in being themselves can all be found in both their music and their physical presence.

“We find it fun to mix textures and colors. In the fusion you find the richness. It’s the same with our music,” Trucco said.

For Femina, it’s not less is more — it’s more is deeper.

For the Argentinian trio, the greatest way to affect change is sharing and working together. Experiences, heartbreaks, stories, thoughts — creating that bond that will elevate us to new heights as the unit that we are; a strong message that oozes out of every one of their songs.

“In the history of humanity, big changes were made by people getting together. Thinking together, acting together — that’s what we do each time we step onto a stage with all our hearts and commitment,” Trucco said.

Their music is for everyone, particularly those fighting a harder fight, to connect and bond in the same generosity for love as they have.

With an upcoming album produced by the New York multi-instrumentalist Quantic in the works, Femina is on a path to bringing some much-needed love and open-heartedness to the world. Inspired by the people and places they meet along the way, you can always expect their music to connect to listeners on a soulful, and cosmic level. Make sure not to miss their upcoming show at Basement Miami on Thursday, June 29th. RSVP to the free performance here.