5 Local Beaches to Hit This Summer

5 Local Beaches to Hit This Summer

June 15, 2017Prism Prism

With Miami’s seasonably delicious weather year-round, locals and travelers are both lucky enough to relish in our refreshing waters by boat, pool, or sand. But it’s the summer months where school’s out and work’s more lenient where we really have the time to take advantage. You can hit up the obvious places like South & North Beach, or even Crandon Park and Fort Lauderdale, but what Culture Crusaders would we be if we led you there? Take a dive into our favorite lesser-known, but equally as delicious spots:


Avoid the crowds to the south and north, and hit up this much-less frequented stretch of beach. Unlike the luxury hotels on South Beach, those that command this real estate take up much less space on the sand which gives you more room to spread out and enjoy a more quiet experience. Plus, the boardwalk stretches through here, which makes it a great option to enjoy a jog and jump in the water once done.



Kill two birds with one stone and support our state parks while taking in rays at Bill Baggs Cape Florida. They’ve got large stretches of sea grape and mangrove lush greens with plenty of gazebos for grilling and parties, playgrounds, and a completely un-manicured, natural coastline. The swimmable water may be smaller here, but at least you can take in the sounds and smells of a beach the way it’s meant to be appreciated. Make sure to check out the Cape Florida Lighthouse, the oldest standing building in Greater Miami.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida_2010 contest_Iouri_Dovnarovich_Lighthouse


Ask anyone who knows about the more northern beaches and they’ll tell you that Surfside is on the rise. Its charming deco-inspired rows of local shops and unassuming apartment buildings make the beach experience as relaxing as it comes. The water is beautiful here, with a much shorter walk from sand to sea than its southern counterparts. This is the type of place that makes you forget you’re still in Miami.



This one’s a local favorite and we couldn’t leave it off. Despite its name, Hollywood is a low-key beach town with a flare for relaxation as classic as they come. There’s a lot to do at the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, whether it’s renting bikes and taking in the 2.5 stretch, or spending the day under an umbrella watching the teal water as it crashes along the shore, you really can do no wrong here.



“Clothing optional”…we’re just going to leave that there. Aside from the famous gay and nude beaches along the 1.4 miles of sunny Haulover Beach, it has a lot to offer all sorts of beach-goers. The 99-acre Haulover Park it neighbors is luscious and relatively untouched–perfect for kayaking straight to the ocean. The beach is also family-friendly and offers stretches of remote sand just for you.