Press Play: Vandana

June 9, 2017Ana Rojo

Raised in India and educated in London, singer and producer Vandana is becoming a force in the experimental music world. A distorted sound and taste for the obscure, she is seamlessly weaving her way into the dark underworld of music.

Vandana’s appreciation for artists such as Apex Twin, Radiohead frontman Them Yorke, the “Gothicism of The Cure and of Fever Ray” has influenced a lot of her sound while also blending elements from her Indian roots. The blend of “disquieting electronica with alternative pop” with tinges of Bollywood. From her start in India to London to Brooklyn, she has taken each journey and used it to mold her not only her wildly eclectic music but has impacted her as a person, embracing “womanhood and otherness.”

She recently released her new EP Nox Anima which is a perfect representation of the dusky, muffled ambiance she tries to evoke in her music. The five-song EP merges the London rave scene with glistening Indian pop with pounding, muffled synths.

Overall, Vandana’s music is a unique take on what is already a more independent style of music with her knowledge and blend of Indian tradition. Make sure to check out Nox Anima.