Creative Caffeination @ Box Coffee

June 5, 2017Janel Allen

Box Coffee is finally here! The first cold only coffee shop in the world (as far as we can tell) has popped up in Wynwood. How lucky are we?

Less than a year ago, visionaries Bec Milgrom and Lucas Cravero joined forces to treat us to the most refreshing cold brew served right out of shipping containers. Bec from Australia with roots in Oregon and Lucas from California, they both have a mutual love for craft beer and coffee. From conception, Bec and Lucas knew two things: Miami and containers.

Working with Little River Box Co., they have created an oasis in the middle of the arts district just in time for the blazing heat of summer. With the unforgiving weather that comes along with four seasons of hot, this cold brew concept has landed in just the right locale and they are doing it all consciously and in style. Keeping the environment in mind, they have focused on using biodegradable materials and resourceful means of bringing the cold brew bar to life. Miami artist Kazilla lended her talents to visualizing the vibrancy and creativity that emits from everything Box Coffee touches.

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Now to the beverages. Box Coffee is not playing around when it comes to getting your caffeine fix. They have perfected the cold brew cocktail. Yes, we just said cocktail. They have taken their one-of-a-kind Box Blend by Per’La Specialty Roasters, and infused it in a way that will have you coming back for more. Their coffee is brewed for 16 hours and has been blended and roasted in a way that complements cocktails perfectly. From the Florida Orange Fizz, to the Ginger Mule, and Mojito Mint, there are so many specialties to refresh your every coffee need.

Feeling more in a tea mood? They are happily fusing JoJo Tea’s green jasmine cold brew tea in harmony with muddled lime, and basil also known as the Green Goddess. When you are feeling more traditional, their brew can be combined with a variety of organic chocolate, vanilla, and even maple syrups for unique takes on coffee drinks. There is honestly something delicious for you to look forward to with every visit.

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The team and master brewer Brian Hayes have come up with a variety of ways for you to enjoy these beverages at any time of the day. Cold brew is no long saved for your morning drag. Using only the best ingredients, sourced specifically to make perfect cold brew concoctions, and with their hearts set on creating a space of refuge and enjoyment, this is the type of coffee and tea you take your time to down. In the best way, it is more of a cocktail than a coffee experience.

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Trust me, you’ll go for the coffee and stay for the vibes (and another cup of elevated joe). But don’t just take our word for it, go check it out!