Press Play: Simian Ghost

May 24, 2017Ana Rojo

Simian Ghost may have just given us the catchiest and most amusing song with “When You’re Ready”. With the tunes’ energetic guitar rhythms and soft, layered vocals, the Swedish group is on it’s way to breaking into the global scene.

Simian Ghost started out as a recording project by Swedish songwriter Sebastian Arnström and after two well received solo releases became a fully-fledged band a few years ago – picking up extensive international press and acclaim. The indie-pop act has been praised for their unique blend of production tools to create their almost 80s pop-inspired music.

“When You’re Ready” is the third track to be released off their upcoming self-titled LP and it is a newer direction for the group than what they have done it the past. The band has always recorded and produced literally at home and this new material will have more of that stood work.

We’re just a bunch of guys doing stuff at home really”, the band states, ”so in many ways this feels like our debut album all over again. And this time we’re ready.”

Check out the disco-esque tune for yourself.