9 Must-Go Eats Outside of Miami’s Core

May 17, 2017Prism Prism

A little over a month ago we gathered some of our favorite spots to show off to non-locals and although people were happy with what we spotlighted, we realized that it’s very easy not to give attention to neighborhood’s outside of central Miami when you yourself don’t venture out. So we did (and ate a lot too). Here are some of our favorites:

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La Fresa Francesa

The sixth largest city in the state, Hialeah and Cuban culture generally go hand in hand. But what happens when a Cuban falls in love with a French chef? La Fresa Francesa. It’s a little gem hidden in a corner strip mall and acts as part gourmet market part drool-worthy bistro. Cheese plates and crepes galore, plus some Havana-proud twists on culinary classics.


Zaika Indian Cuisine

North Miami is filled with culinary treasures, most of which also have their homes inside of mini malls and strip retail centers. One of Prism’s absolute favorites, and arguably the best Indian food in Miami, is Zaika. The staff is instant family, the food is as authentic as it gets and we won’t let you leave without swimming in their Butter Chicken and garlic naan.

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Miami Brewing Company

Homestead really is a destination built for true discovery. Whether it’s agricultural or just plain cultural, our Southern neighbor is a perfect place for a weekend excursion. And while the hordes head to Schnebly’s for the wine, we hide in the corner at one of our must-go spots: Miami Brewing Company. Have a meal at Verde before and top it off with some of the best local brews. Pro tip: head on a Saturday and hit up the Mexican Market.



We first discovered the strawberry pavlova from Piononos on Key Biscayne at a birthday party and promptly walked out with the rest of the cake. It’s hands-down one of the best and lightest desserts in the city, not without the high demand from locals. What was once a homemade hobby turned into assembly shop and will eventually expand to larger store. Enjoy its small spot for now, this place is soon to be a trademark Miami locale.

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107 Coffee & Dessert

When we think Sweetwater we think FIU and the vast stretched of the west. We certainly don’t think Vietnamese and quirky coffee shops. But 107 Coffee & Dessert breaks that mold in strides. Generally well-trafficked with students throughout the day, the shop boasts a fun atmosphere reminiscent of New York and a surprisingly lengthy Asian menu with ramen, rolls, and all the classic favorites.


The Sushi Bar

Ah, Kendall. The 88. Whatever you want to call it, if you don’t know the land, you’re probably going to get lost at some point. But that’s a perfect time for doing some adventuring. Which is where The Sushi Bar comes in. It’s a no frills spot with no decorations and only a counter to its name, but it serves some of the freshest sushi in the city and rests as a regular spot for Kendallians.


Pueblito Viejo

Take trip past Tropical Park and you’ll be flying across the Caribbean to Bogota at Pueblito Viejo, an undercover favorite. The Westchester eatery has no empty wall space, covered in trinkets and decor from the homeland and featuring a fun performance with your dinner a few nights a week. The food is real too, and it’s definitely a fun place to take someone hankering for a home-cooked meal.

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Apizza Brooklyn resto + vino

This Pinecrest strip mall spot is almost always filled with residents and hungry guests pouring out the door. But once you walk in, it really is a piece of Brooklyn, with food and an atmosphere just as delicious as any Italian eatery in the New York City neighborhood. APIZZA BROOKLYN‘s pizza is of course where it’s at, but their brunch is also a mainstay and worth waiting for.


Panya Thai Restaurant

If you didn’t know, North Miami Beach houses some of Miami’s best Asian fare, from Filipino to Chinese BBQ and beyond. But one of our go-to spots is Panya Thai, where curry reigns supreme. Its big and just as you’d expect from another of our many mini mall locations on the list, but its staff is all smiles and their portions are enough to keep you over for days.