24 Hours in Miami by Janel Allen

May 10, 2017Janel Allen

As our city continues to grow, there are so many great local spots rising up that it’s becoming so hard to keep track. For self-proclaimed Culture Crusaders like ourselves, we’re constantly on the look out for the Miami treasures that can’t be missed by both residents and tourists alike. If you had 24 hours in this city, where would you go to get the “real” Miami experience? Where would you tell a friend to go? Let our Social Media Alchemist, Janel Allen, take you around must-see spots in her hometown:

“It’s Saturday in Miami and you got in last last night. Waking up in the city, head to Iron Tribe Fitness Coral Gables for the best morning sweat in the city. Once you’ve cooled down enough, treat yourself to an epic brunch at Eating House, home of the city-famous Cap’n’ Crunch Pancakes. Don’t hold back here, you deserve it.”


After driving around the city for a bit (because you will get stuck in traffic somewhere), make sure to stop at Mojo Donuts, the originators of sweets in Miami. You’ll die over their crazy flavors and homemade goods, but don’t have your donuts just yet! Trust me, you’ll want to save them for later. At this point you’ll need some drinks, so head to my favorite brewery: Lincoln’s Beard, to catch up with friends over some board games, great tunes, and one of their signature brews. Once you’ve got your happy buzz on, catch the sunset at Matheson Hammock overlooking the marina and bay. This is where those Mojo Donuts come in handy. You’re welcome.


I like to kick start the night with a good flick, so O Cinema in Wynwood is your best spot. They have some great classic selections and pop culture favorites mixed with indie films you can only see for a limited time. From there, head to Brick for some serious dancing, with all early 2000s favorites plus cheap drinks. Round it off with some late night eats at the local gem, La Latina before hitting your bed.”