Miami Gem: Café Roval

May 8, 2017Janel Allen

Continuing on our quest as Culture Crusaders, we’re uncovering and discovering the gems that make Miami so great. Years ago, we would spend our weeknights at the local favorite restaurant meets jazz lounge, Van Dyke’s Cafe. Unfortunately, as is the story with many of Miami’s shining treasures, the eatery was lost and is now another shop in a string of retail stores along Lincoln Road–only those of us who knew the magic it once was, know. Our hearts were full of excitement, however, when we discovered that the same team behind Van Dyke’s, News Cafe, and Soyka, were injecting their charm into a new location: Café Roval.


And my, how charming it is. Walking onto the grounds, you’re immediately greeted by lush and vibrant greenery with tropical foliage and soothing sounds of distant running water. The facade of the historic 1920s coral house is breathtaking, a contrast against the bright green awning and surrounding nature. Over the years, the MiMo located building has been home to a church, a hair salon, a homeless sanctuary, and now one of Miami’s newest jewels in the culinary world. The latest endeavor has every ounce of class as their other eateries around town, with a new dive into an old world heavily built on nostalgia and an atmosphere so welcoming you can nearly taste it.


Once you find the strength to pry yourself away from the gorgeous outside garden and actually enter the establishment, you’re transported to another world where every area offers unique views into yesteryear. The intimate interior provides the kind of close-quarter vibes you would find at a swing tavern in the Paris 20s, or a bustling speakeasy in America’s same decade. It’s just the right amount of dark, low-light, and heavily romantic. Outside, you fawn over the pond and twinkle lights–candles bouncing to the rhythm of gypsy jazz on the stereo. That’s not to say the food isn’t equally as drawing, each plate sourcing local ingredients and classic European flavors.


When to go: We suggest keeping it top of mind when you want to impress a significant other or when you want to escape over a glass (or four) of wine with an old friend where your deep conversation is safe.

All photos by FujiFilm Girl.