Press Play: Brika

May 3, 2017Ana Rojo

Local Miami artist Brika is an alternative singer-songwriter who uses her music to span the spectrum of human emotion with her mixture of tones found in every song. Raised by Cuban-American parents, she has become one of Miami’s most prominent indie musicians and has been garnering massive attention.

Brika’s music has the indie approach while also generating an old-school feel. Channeling her inner Amy Winehouse, Brika’s voice has that soulful yet unforced subtlety that makes her music that much more unique.

Brika’s music incorporates several musical genres, a strong jazz/R&B tone mixed in with some alternative, and a tinge of indie-electronic foundations. It also fluctuates from romantic to exciting, and even melancholic, with a refreshing uplift every time.

Her latest single, “Don’t Want Your Love”, reflects her unique musical style, with the acapella, coffee-house vibe matched by subdued instrumentals that prove a perfect showcase for her voice. This slow, groovy song is just a small taste of what is to come and hopefully we will keep getting more tunes from her. And for us in Miami, make sure to catch her on June 22 for an acoustic performance, look out for details.

Take a listen to “Don’t Want Your Love.”