Supporting Local is All About Collaboration

April 26, 2017Pola Bunster

As part of our Support Local initiative, we’re taking a deeper dive into what it actually means to “support”. It isn’t just purchasing from local businesses, but also being a facilitator to collaborations. Being a helpful resource whenever possible. Supporting means collaborating with and connecting each other so we can elevate the potential quality and impact of our projects. It’s a collective effort that only has one ulterior motive: to make sure everyone wins.

Over the past two months, Support Local has acted as a small business advocacy program, but also as an adhesive, bringing local entrepreneurs together whenever possible. Our own logo design was created by Open MRKT, printed on flyers by Mixed Media Collective and on pins by PINSBRO, and brought to life on the lobby wall of MADE at The Citadel by Reach Design Co.–all participating agencies.


We’ve brought several projects to life around the brand, like our Support Local kiosk at Brothers & Brawlers, which features a handful of certified vendors in the flesh, all year around. Thanks to the platform, there’s now a vibrant mural by Dave L in Little Havana as part of a Cedano Realty project. Recently, we partnered with the local favorite The Salty Donut, to brand their staff shirts with Support Local messaging–taking the narrative further with every bite.

A Miami-bred agency whose whole presence is essentially built upon local collaborations and projects we’d love to spotlight is Mixed Media Collective. We’ve worked with the design duo for over seven years, being the creative minds behind bringing many of our ideas to life. Within the Support Local sphere, they’ve worked with and continue to work with several companies even before the program, such as The Avenue, Sakura Soap Co., La Succulenta, The New Tropic, Mina’s Mediterraneo, JWI PR, Miami Flower Market, Cedano Realty, Miami Film Festival, Della Test Kitchen, The Citadel, Macs Pubs, Miami Smokers, Nurbana305, Acme Lounge, Jennifer Pansa and The Wynwood Yard.

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But the small and local business support shouldn’t stop at Miami or nearby South Florida. The reason why it’s #SupportLocalFL is because we want to connect the entire state under the identity of the businesses that are proud to build within it. We’re so proud to announce that Prism and Support Local have joined forces with Choose 954 as our Fort Lauderdale partners, bringing the message to our northern neighbors and beyond. In honor of National Small Business Week, we’ll be popping up at Brew Urban Café from 11am – 1pm to meet the local entities that call 954 home!

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