A New Fair for All Your Craft Needs

April 19, 2017admin

The country-wide push towards appreciating small businesses and creative makers has, surprisingly, even been picked up by Miami…even if it’s on its own time to the party. Showcases and markets have been a perfect platform for these kinds of creatives for centuries. One of the most well-known names in the scene that has jettisoned hundreds of talented makers into popularity is the Renegade Craft Fair. Since 2003, they’ve been “showcasing the best + brightest in indie craft” in cities all of the country like NYC, Chicago, L.A, and now on April 29th-30th, Miami.

“Supporting independent makers and handmade movements is at the very core of who we are as a company,” said Sam Majerowicz. We strongly believe in the passion and dedication of those that choose to devote their time and energy into perfecting their craft.” It takes a lot to scout and support these vendors in every city, and they’re aware of the significant effort that it takes to share something so personal with the world. Not only do they plan an epic market with all ounces of detailed experience, but it’s the heart-felt championing for their vendors that sets them apart as a true voice for the indie craft movement across the U.S.


As far as impact, there are few points to make about how markets help makers and communities connect that you probably haven’t already heard. But it’s the effect on these cities in the aftermath of markets like Renegade Craft Fair that prove their power. “In an ideal world, our Fairs play a small but significant role in allowing our makers to find financial independence through their craft, often helping them to quit their “day jobs” or expand their businesses to hire others and grow,” he said. To them, independent makers and creative movements are vital parts of these communities, but it’s a two-way street: “Local players and businesses, in turn, play an important role in helping us grow within each market, allowing us to make the events bigger, more vibrant and exciting each year.”

So how will Renegade Craft Fair help Miami’s community that is just recently growing out of its adolescent apathy? By infusing the already established vibrant and emerging local culture in Wynwood as a backdrop for their arsenal of makers. “The wealth of art and color represents a creative energy that we are happy to be a part of, and will hopefully be able to do justice” said Majerowicz. The event features some of their veteran vendors, intermixed with a collection of Miami favorites like Bloomwolf Studio, Curandera Remedies, Heist, Kathecuervo, La Fernweh Designs, Sakura Soaps Co., Studio Grun and many more. Plus, handmade drinks by Mac’s Pubs, beloved food trucks like Box of Chacos and Ms. Cheezious.

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Tips for a first timer?

“Take some time to walk around, grab a drink, enjoy some tunes, chat with makers, and take it all in! Sometimes people are too focused on making their way through the variety of amazing products as quickly as possible, and forget to look around and enjoy the day.”

What’s a must-have?

“We’re suckers for bright colors and whimsical patterns, especially as spring starts to feel more like summer! It’s hard to pick a favorite item, but we’ve never gone wrong with prints like those by Paper Sails.”