Support Local: MKT by bazbaz

April 13, 2017Andrea Flores

After twenty-three years of living in New York and constantly hearing people in Manhattan say “I wanna make it first, and then I’ll give back”, Albert Price, leader of by bazbaz – a creative production of cultural curation,  moved to Miami in 2014 with the idea to build a solid foundation where we give more than we take. Shortly after, MKT by bazbaz came to life to inspire the growth and mission of social consciousness in our vibrant, cultural city — a balanced pyramid combining environment, community, body and mind.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye with ravishing white camouflage-netting, built-in wooden booths and tables, fine gravel and a sky-high diverse artistic mosaic, HUMANAE, by Angelica Dass, MKT is Wynwood’s newest outdoor marketplace — or heaven as Albert likes to call it. Open free to all of us on Saturdays for the next 8 weeks, here’s your chance to take pride in this community effort dedicated to bring us the insight our city is striving for.

What’s the inspiration behind this project/movement?

“Social consciousness is really about respect, the golden rule which is ‘do onto others as you would have others do unto you’. It’s a saying that’s lasted thousands of years all around the world, pretty meaningful and pretty powerful. We extended to the environment, community, extended to the body and the mind or soul because we think of social consciousness almost as a pyramid. You have to start with a good foundation which is respect for your environment. Then you have to build on that with respect for your community, followed by building on that with respect for your body and your mind. A lot of people do it backwards — they focus on their mind but they’ve never really built a solid foundation. Another thing that’s important for us is giving, and giving more than you take — there will always be more there’s always enough for everyone. That’s a long answer to your question and it’s what gets me most excited about this mission that I’m on to kinda spread the word about social consciousness.”

The InterKnit Project by Karelle Levy

What will next week’s theme or topic be about?

Yes, today was more of a general week and talk but next week is going to be about environment. We’re partnering with the Everglades Foundation it’s going to be similar with an art program, music, and some talks with people from the Everglades Foundation and speak about the environment. Do you recycle? Because you may recycle in Miami but once your trash goes into the trashcan who knows what the hell happens to it. That’s the problem — there’s no real system that I know of in the city of Miami.

Do you ever feel the lack of awareness overwhelming?

No, because it’s little things. It’s lots of little things that you can do just to be more conscious. Once you open up that awareness and maintain it, it becomes easier to spread it. I mean for me for example, starting in September of last year I decided to get myself back into shape and get healthy. Once I started to exercise and respect myself and respect my body, I found a bunch of local places that are vegetarian and vegan.

HUMANAE by Angelica Dass

What other topics can we expect to learn more of in the weeks to come at MKT?

After environment, the following week will be focused on community. The program will run for 8 weeks through the end of May. We sort of did two body weeks — health & fitness and healthy & beauty. Because a lot of our vendors are natural cosmetics like natural haircare products, skincare, and makeup  things like that so we wanted to split it up.

How were the MKT vendors selected?

We went around and really tried to hand-select them, see we have a bunch of different types of vendors and we’re trying to get the message out to the right people not just blasting it to get people to come. So some of the local places that I found once I cut back on meat and such, was Smart Bites and Jucy Lu. We have food & beverage, a beauty section, jewelry, arts & crafts, and we have the farm stand. We’re partners also with Urban Greenworks who did the garden for us, they’re a group that actually rehabilitates female prisoners as they’re coming out of prison and teaching them a craft & trade in gardening and farming. There’s a great collection of vendors — everyone is trying to make the world a better place than they found it.



Indulge in freshly picked fruits and veggies, get crafty with Mindful Minis with a cold Colombian brew in hand. Smell the natural oil aromas and take home a little stress relief essential oil to cure those stressful work days. Visit all of this and more at MKT by bazbaz. Here’s to social consciousness in Miami!