Tastes Like L.A. by Las Cafeteras

April 12, 2017admin

Hailing from Los Angeles, Las Cafeteras are releasing their latest album Tastes Like L.A., which is a mixture of the sights and sounds of the City of Angels while mixing in their Latin roots.

Their music uses Afro-Mexican beats and rhythms, blending the musical styles of “Son Jarocho” from Mexico while also adding the Caribbean styles of “marimbol and cajón.” Their poetry-style lyrics bring politically charged messages in both English and Spanish which you can hear in their new album.

“If I Was President” and the short “Señor Presidente” are two of the most politically charged songs on their album in my opinion, which they are known to do, a lot of their songs telling “stories of a community who is looking for love & fights for justice in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles.” Even remixing “This Land is Your Land” in their Afro-Mexican style to really show this land was made for everyone. When you hear the lyrics “me gusta la lima, me gusta limon, pero no me gusto tanta corrupcion” (translated to “I like lime and I like lemon but I don’t like so much corruption”) and also talking about people of color, you know the fun upbeat style of music houses some powerful words.

The album is really representative of Las Cafeteras’ unique musical style with their blend of genres and instruments to create not only exciting and colorful music, but to also send messages about justice and equality for all.

Here is “If I Was President” and make sure to listen to the Tastes Like L.A.!