Miami Gem: Craft Cafe SoBe

April 5, 2017admin

Continuing on our quest as Culture Crusaders, we’re uncovering and discovering the gems that make Miami so great. We came across this sweet spot recently and just have to share. Craft Cafe SoBe is located in the restaurant called A Fish Called Avalon which has been around for 30 years. Because there was little traffic aside from guests looking to feast at the buffet, the concept came to life with a hope to increase the coffee shop culture in the area. But with creative, towering dishes, it’s not your regular coffee shop.

Inspired from the classic French dessert of espresso and pastries, the concept branched out into sky-high creations pushing their freshly brewed organic Peruvian beans roasted locally in sarasota. The coffee recipes are the masterpieces of Pascal Pinault, Craft Cafe SoBe’s Director of Food & Beverage by day and A Fish Called Avalon’s at night. Using a mixologist approach to the dessert creations for consistency and a free-form presentation, they created extravaganzas for kids and their hot drinks for the older crowds.

What we tried: Apolaustic and Kickshaw Extravaganzas, the S’more Craft Signature Latte Gourmand, and their entire selection of croissants directly from France.

Here are a few mouth-watering photos by the amazing FujiFilm Girl.